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  • Tim Condon
    Good Monday to you, Porcupines! The growth of our ongoing weekly list of People Who Are Going to the First Annual Porcupine Freedom Fest and Night on the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2004
      Good Monday to you, Porcupines! The growth of our ongoing weekly
      list of "People Who Are Going" to the First Annual Porcupine Freedom Fest
      and Night on the Barricades in Lancaster, New Hampshire on June 24-27, 2004
      is slowing *waaaaay* down, with only 79 committed Porcs attending. How
      about looking over the list: If you know that someone is going to be there,
      and they're not on the list, email me and let me know (people who want to
      be secretive can be listed as "Anonymous, Tucson, AZ"). We want to see
      HUNDREDS of Porcupines planning on attending.
      Also, everyone feel free to pass this email on to your personal
      list of libertarians and other freedom-lovers (we've all got one). We need
      as many people as possible to know about the Porcupine Festival. A huge
      showing in New Hampshire will result in lots of media exposure and
      increased recruitment throughout the United States.
      For information about Rogers Campground and Motel where the Porc
      Fest is going to be held, go to www.rogerscampground.com.

      Rogers 2004 rates are as follows:
      Motel rooms cost $76.00 plus 8% state tax
      RV sites cost $35.00 (no tax).
      Tent sites cost $23.00, $24.00 with electricity, or $25.00 with water and
      electricity (no tax).
      All prices include two people; children under three stay free. Rates for
      children ages three to fourteen are $3.00 per child per night and for
      children over fourteen are $5.00 per person per night.
      Housekeeping units (rental cabins and RV's) are $475.00 plus 8% state tax
      per week. Rentals run from either Saturday to Saturday or from Sunday to

      As I have said, this will be a historic coming-together of liberty
      lovers, the first to occur in the Free State. We want 1,000 or more to
      appear this first year. Find them and send them my way! ---Tim
      Condon Email: tcondon@...

      Skip Abadie, Carrollton, TX
      Bill Alleman, Weare, NH
      Darlene Alleman, Weare, NH
      Connie Atwood, Boulder City, NV
      Seth Atwood, Boulder City, NV
      Peter Baker, Bradenton, FL
      Damian Barbosa, Warwick, RI
      Tim Bauman, Libertyville, WI
      Karl Beisel, Arlington, VA
      Kendon Black, Norco, CA
      Phil Boncer, San Diego, CA
      Kristine Brooks, San Diego, CA
      Joe Chapley, Monsey, NY
      Nixi Chesnavich, Pittsburgh, PA
      Robert Chesnavich, Pittsburgh, PA
      Michele Condon, Tampa, FL
      Tim Condon, Tampa, FL
      Mark Cowder, Frederick, MD
      Michael Curtis (& friends), Austin, TX
      Lloyd Danforth, Hartford, CT
      Philip Denisch, Towson, MD
      Jay Denonville, Oldsmar, FL
      Bruce Deuso, Springfield, VT
      Kat Dillon, Frost, TX
      Kira Dillon, Frost, TX
      Jim Dumas, Somersworth, NH
      Michelle Dumas, Somersworth, NH
      George Elkins, Kingsport, TN
      Shigeko Elkins, Kingsport, TN
      Captain H. Bruce Hartgers, NH
      Eduardo Hernandez, Carrolton, TX
      Doug Hillman, Graham, AL
      Jena Hillman, Graham, AL
      Robert Hull, Brielle, NJ
      Nick Kyriazi, Pittsburgh, PA
      Pat Lapree, Keene, NH
      Dawn Lincoln, Newington, CT
      Jaclyn Lincoln, Newington, CT
      Kelsey Lincoln, Newington, CT
      Tom Long, Jacksonville, FL
      Dave Lorrey, Plymouth, NH
      Mike Lorrey, Lebanon, NH
      Don Lovelace, Batavia, NY
      James Maynard Keene, NH
      Pat McCotter, Meriden, CT
      Gloria McCotter, Meriden, CT
      David Mincin, Pittsburgh, PA
      Nev Moore, Barnstable, MA
      Brieanna Moore, Barnstable, MA
      Bruce Morgan, Royse City, TX
      Devera Morgan, Royse City, TX
      Elizabeth Morgan, Royse City, TX
      Gabriel Morgan, Royse City, TX
      Keith Murphy, Baltimore, MD
      Carl Peterson, Tamuning, Guam (!)
      Clara Peterson, Tamuning, Guam (!)
      Dave Philbrick, Dover, NH
      Delia Philbrick, Dover, NH
      Amanda Phillips, Burlington, MA
      Jean Pine, Beatrice, NB
      George Reich, Dover, NH
      Carol Reynolds, Royse City, TX
      Adam Rick, Washington, DC
      Kate Rick, Washington, DC
      Elliott Riley, Okinawa, Japan (!!)
      Chuck Rose, Honolulu, HI
      Laura Rose, Honolulu, HI
      Floyd Shackelford, Troy, AL
      Stephanie Shackelford, Troy, AL
      Meg Shackelford, Troy, AL
      Nate Shackelford, Troy, AL
      Wayne Shackelford, Troy, AL
      Stephanie, Shackelford, Troy, AL
      Jason Sorens, New Haven, CT
      Tony Stelik, Southington, CT
      Brian Sullivan, Ithaca, NY
      Varrin Swearingen, Fresno, CA
      Nancy VanLuvender, NY
      Bernard von NotHaus, Evansville, IN
      Alan Weiss, Austin, TX
      Jane Weiss, Austin, TX
      Don Wilson, Beatrice, NB

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