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A Floridian Moves to the Free State!

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  • Tim Condon
    ... YaHOO!!! Congratulations to you, Bill, from a maximum Floridian. I m envious as hell! (For everyone else s information, Bill s former home of New Port
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2004
      > >> Everyone, here's an interesting little weather page that covers
      > >>New Hampshire. Something all of us everyone can refer to when we want to
      > >>find out what's happening weather-wise in our future home!

      Response from Bill Hartwell <anpwhotep@...>:

      >...or you can ask me to look out my window. :) I just got my new internet
      >connection hooked up (Adelphia cable), after moving to a nice little (1k
      >people) town in the extreme SW corner of New
      >Hampshire. We have Walmart, two pizza places, a fireworks place (two in
      >the summer), a hardware store, a general store, a snowmobile/atv place, a
      >used car lot, a computer place, and are only 20 miles from Keene. It's
      >only been 3 weeks and I'm already wondering why I waited so long to move
      >here. :)
      >(Important weather tip - it's a lot easier to put on another layer of
      >clothes than it is to pay $200/month for air conditioning like I was when
      >I lived in New Port Richey, Florida...)

      YaHOO!!! Congratulations to you, Bill, from a maximum Floridian.
      I'm envious as hell! (For everyone else's information, Bill's former home
      of New Port Richey is in the Tampa Bay Area in Florida where I am, a hotbed
      of Porcupine activity. All you lucky residents of the Free State, please
      send a welcoming email to former Floridian Bill at his new cable internet
      connection at anpwhotep@..., and say WELCOME! All the rest of us
      Floridian Porcupines are jealous!

      Tim Condon - 813-251-2626 -- Tampa, FL - tim@...
      Want Liberty in Your Lifetime? - http://www.freestateproject.org
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