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Re: [FSP] I talk of Liberty Enacted

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  • Tim Condon
    WELL SAID, ALAN!!! ---Tim Condon ... [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 3, 2003
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      WELL SAID, ALAN!!! ---Tim Condon

      >You know, the Free State hasn't QUITE been selected yet, but I want
      >to ask you people one question:
      >What is your excuse for NOT being a part of history, and
      >participating in one of the greatest real-world experiments in
      >liberty's history since the American Revolution?
      >How can anyone who calls himself or herself a "libertarian" not at
      >LEAST seriously consider moving to the Free State and seeing if they
      >can help Make It Happen?
      >How can anyone who believes in freedom and liberty not at LEAST
      >consider spending PART of their year in the Free State?
      >How can any True Conservative, in the Barry Goldwater tradition, NOT
      >want to give it a go, get up on your horse, and ride off to the Free
      >State looking to return us to a time when honor, freedom, values,
      >and "live and let live" were defended?
      >How can any (classic) liberal, free-spirited person interested in
      >alternative lifestyles NOT be drawn to set up house and shop in a
      >place that won't hassle you, tax you, oppress you, or mock you for
      >your lifestyle choices?
      >The Free State Project announcement is tomorrow, October 1st.
      >Consider your future in the Free State, joining thousands of others
      >who applaud your gumption, your guts, your courage, your spirit - and
      >you, their's.
      >You talk of "weather" and of cost, and I talk of turning your work-a-
      >day life into an adventure. You talk of "convenience" and comfort,
      >and I talk of riches of the free market and the security of self-
      >defense appreciated. You talk of liberty, and I talk of liberty-
      >David Crockett of Tennessee once said, "you can go to hell. I'm going
      >to Texas." Well, Texas is not a choice this time around. But the
      >Free State is. Please choose.
      >Alan R. Weiss
      >Member, The Free State Project
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