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(Fwd) Welcome! As a current New Hampshire resident, can I hel

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  • Mary Lou Seymour
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      Subject: Welcome! As a current New Hampshire resident, can I help?
      To: libertymls@...

      It was exciting to read the headlines today that NH is the state
      chosen by your organization to become a model of freedom! I live in
      Lyme, NH, which is part of a wonderful region known as the "Upper
      Valley." It is home to Dartmouth College and perhaps the best
      center in the Northeast, Dartmouth-Hitchcock. This area was recently
      chosen in a national survey as being the No. 1 place in the country to
      retire. It truly is an extraordinary region, with a unique blend of
      culture, diversity, natural beauty, outdoor recreation, and business
      opportunity. It is also unique in that the Upper Valley encompasses
      roughly equal size parts of NH and VT, and the school district is the
      only one in the country that includes parts of two states. There is
      an interesting friendly competition between the NH and VT sides of
      river, with VT being among the most politically liberal in the country
      and NH being among the most conservative. NH is clearly the side of
      choice for businesse!
      s and
      home-owners, as reflected in demographics, prices, and business
      locations. The area provides a real insight into the pros and cons
      of political choices, and it is a centrally-located and politically
      visible area of NH, which might serve your organization and
      It is also an area that could use the energies of new folks from
      around the country who bring new persepctives and the desire to
      their energies and businesses to the local market. The marketplace
      here has a lot of money coming from the college, hospital, and
      elsewhere. I could really benefit from new folks interested in
      providing services (builders, trades people, etc.) and/or create
      businesses. In other words, demand seems to exceed supply in
      areas, and an influx of new people would help the area to expand
      be most welcome, in my opinion. I grew up in this area, and I went
      to Dartmouth College. I know the place like the back of my hand. I
      am also a real estate broker and real estate inve! stor. With so many
      people just learning that NH is the chosen state, I imagine a lot of
      them could use the help of an informed local business person to find
      find the right place to live. I'd be happy to speak with anyone who
      might be interested in considering the Upper Valley area of New
      Hampshire as their place to settle in New Hampshire.

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