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Gov. Benson welcomes FSP members

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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ... Welcome to the Granite State Committee PO Box 5293 Manchester, NH 03108 1-888-221-8628 fsp-nh@lpnh.org ... Governor Benson Welcomes
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2003
      Welcome to the Granite State Committee
      PO Box 5293
      Manchester, NH 03108

      Governor Benson Welcomes Free State Members

      Concord - Despite the extraordinary demands on his time from lawmakers,
      media, aides, counsel and cheering taxpayers, Craig Benson kept his word
      to meet with around 20 members of the Free State Project (FSP).

      Free Staters are evaluating the "Live Free Or Die" state as a leading
      candidate for the migration of 20,000 liberty-oriented activists whose
      goal is to build upon and expand the existing freedoms in the chosen
      state. The meeting was arranged by John Babiarz, FSP member, Chair of the
      Libertarian Party of NH, and Benson's appointee to the Efficiency in
      Government Commission.

      Benson greeted Free Staters visiting from Connecticut, Massachusetts,
      Maine, Oregon, Nevada, Texas, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Hampshire.
      FSP members congratulated him on his bold move of vetoing the budget, and
      asked him how he thought the situation would play out. He replied, "Nobody
      likes that budget. It has become a political game of 'me beating you', and
      that's unfortunate. All I can say is 'Do the right thing.'"

      When asked how he would feel about 20,000 libertarian activists moving to
      New Hampshire, Benson replied, "Come on up. We'd love to have you." Benson
      said he would also consider becoming a Friend of the Free State Project.

      James Maynard, who is running for Keene City Council, told the Governor,
      "We share another distinction. The Keene Sentinel spent half their op-ed
      page attacking you, and the other half attacking us." Benson commented,
      "Then you are in good company."

      Toward the end of the conversation, Benson said the next two items on his
      agenda are a Taxpayer Bill of Rights and School Choice. Both of these are
      very important to Free Staters.

      FSP members felt welcomed by Governor Benson, and left the meeting with no
      doubt that New Hampshire should be the Free State. It's already most of
      the way there, and they have an ally in the state's highest office.

      Pictures from the event are available upon request.

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