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14043The easiest thing you can do to help the FSP!

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  • ftl_ian
    Apr 1, 2005
      Fellow FSP members,

      As you know, the FSP is sponsoring my talk show, Free Talk Live (
      http://freetalklive.com ). We talk about the FSP live on air on a
      nightly basis. More people listening to Free Talk Live means more
      people joining the FSP. Please take a moment and vote for FTL. If we
      make #1 on the Podcast Alley charts, we may get press coverage, and
      we'll definitely get new listeners. Note, the votes have been reset,
      so all of you who voted last month can now vote again. Please help:

      1. Go here: http://www.podcastalley.com/one_vote2.php?pod_id=929
      2. Enter your email address. (Leave a comment if you like.)
      3. Click "Vote Now". The system will send you a confirmation email.
      4. Open the confirmation email and click the link inside.
      5. You're done for this month!

      Thanks for the help!
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