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  • shadowstrider
    Sep 1 12:02 AM
      I hereby propose an official Free State
      religion.<br> <br>(!)<br> <br>No, maybe this isn't the heresy
      it first seems. Read on. Anyway, I'm not sure, and
      I'm definitely not serious about it being truly
      official. I'm submitting the idea for critical review and
      also just because it is interesting in its own right,
      and I think likely to appeal to some others here.<br>
      <br>Has anyone ever heard of the Church Of Universal
      Life?<br> <br><a href=http://www.ulc.org target=new>http://www.ulc.org</a><br> <br>I saw this once 2
      or 3 years ago, but thought it was either a joke
      like SubGenious or something just plain weird.<br>
      <br>The other day, I came across an interesting bit of
      information regarding these guys though; the founder was
      initially trying to get rid of the tax-free exemption for
      religions. Lawsuits and other efforts failed. In
      desperation, he started his OWN religion, fully expecting to
      get slapped down and to make a case that way instead.
      This move failed abysmally, as it turns out.<br>
      <br>See, the IRS sent him his papers for
      non-profit/taxfree/whatever status instead. <br> <br>I've heard of "won the
      battle, lost the war" but this is more like "lost the
      battle, won the war".<br> <br>Anyway, with that in mind,
      check out the site. I also suggest VERY carefully
      paying attention to the wording of things there. Things
      are not what they initially seem. I'm especially
      impressed and amused by the VERY creative euphemism "Free
      Will Donation". LOL.<br> <br>..and yes, I'm very
      pointedly not being very explicit. <G> For one thing,
      it kind of ruins the overall effect to lay it out
      too obviously at first--you'd get the idea but miss
      the /important/ parts.
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