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  • waynesalhany
    Mar 1, 2013
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      We already have one member wanting to share. You probably have already seen this message on the MeetUp message board. My suggestion is that you may want to use this Yahoo Group as a way to organize and focus your attention. I will be using this group to post documents and links related to class activities.

      We still have lots to talk about so I expect to see you again next Thursday.

      LM386 and such...

      Hi Wayne-
      I was in your class last night, and bought a couple chips from you, including the LM386 Amp Chip. I had mentioned a specific project for it, the "Cracker Box Amp". I realize there's no shortage of projects out there, but this one specifically was featured in MAKE magazine (Make is to Maker Spaces what JAMA is to medicine). The artcle I'll try and link to here has a lot of gret color images of the chip, a socket for it, proto boards etc, so I thought you may be able to use them in class:


      I would like to be able to pursue what you'll be working on in the next couple weeks, but most weeks I will NOT be able to get down to Freeside.
      If you could give me the most general bullet points of what you plan to cover, then I could look it up online, and also ask colleagues for clarification (I'm a Mechanical Engineer working with Electrical and Firmware Engineers). I also formerly taught Highschool physics, so I have a firm grasp of basic circuits. Its when you start getting into tranistors and gates and things that I have to work for understanding.
      Thanks Wayne,
      -Dan Ankrom