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BDM programmer is blank, scbdmprgmrS12

The BDM programmer needed an upgrade to the latest firmware. I took it to the hardware guys and they said they could Flash the new sw into it. It did not work.
Jul 18, 2008

Anybody listening?

I have been trying to download the NE64 patch for CW 3.1 from the newly-broken Freescale web site since the weekend. All I get is server timeouts. Does
Nigel Johnson
Jan 22, 2008

Freescale Forums Go Live

Freescale Forums Go Live! To help make technical support as straightforward and effortless as possible, we're consolidating some of our company moderated
Suchyta John-rjan50
Feb 1, 2006

Coming Soon: Codewarrior Development Tool Forums on Freescale.com

On January 30th, users will be welcome to join us to share information and receive assistance from our support teams - with the additional benefit of having
Suchyta John-rjan50
Jan 25, 2006

Re: [Freescale Dev Tools Yahoo Groups] Digest Number 36

Hi Bob, I think the DSP group is still called Motoroladsp. Go to the www.freescale.com site and select DSP under the products menu. Click on Design Support.
Suchyta John-rjan50
Oct 28, 2005

Looking for 56F800/E email group??

Hello Group -- Just purchased a FreeScale 56F8013 Demo kit. I have joined here because I am sure I will need some help dealing with the CodeWarrior morass that
Robert Smith
Oct 27, 2005

Re: s08 Monitor mode doesn't work

... ^---Don't pay attention to any of that! Never mind what I said before. I just found this patch a few hours ago. Download and run it, and you don't have
Jan 19, 2005

Re: s08 Monitor mode doesn't work

I know this is a little late. I just joined the group. When you create a new project with support for the HCS08 monitor, Code Warrior creates a file called
Jan 7, 2005

s08 Monitor mode doesn't work

hi there, i have recently purchased a demo kit for the MC9S08GB60 The kit came bundled with metrowerks 3 for 08 s. Anyway, i am having alot of problems getting
Nov 3, 2004

Re: [Freescale Dev Tools Yahoo Groups] MMDS0508 changeover from 98

Hi Jason, The Metrowerks tools (e.g. CW08 V3.1) replaced the MCUez one. I'm not sure what the real issue is (from what you describe below), but as of the time
Erich Styger
Sep 1, 2004

MMDS0508 changeover from 98 to XP (MCUEz.exe)

Hello all, I have a MMDS0508 and run MCUEz.exe version 2 with Windows 98 and in three years have had no problems. Recently I have tried using it on two laptops
Jason Lowe
Sep 1, 2004

IMPORTANT: Group Change - Motorola Dev Tools changes to Freescale

*****To All Group Members***** This e-mail is to inform you of a recent change to the Motorola Dev Tools Yahoo Group. Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector
Jun 29, 2004

Re: Nitron Demo Board Help

Erich, Thanks. I have the version that came on the cd which is version CW08_V2.1. I would download the update but I'm on holiday at present and downloading
Ruth & Mike T
Jun 7, 2004

Re: Nitron Demo Board Help

Mike, I assume you are using the board support stationery in C:\Metrowerks\CodeWarrior CW08_V3.0\Stationery\HC(S)08 Board Support\QT4\68HC908QT4 Demonstration
Erich Styger
Jun 7, 2004

Re: Nitron Demo Board Help

Cycling power does not seem to satisfy the connection monitor. That's why I posted the request for help. Mike
Ruth & Mike T
Jun 7, 2004
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