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[Freedom Lawyers of America] 8/1/2002 9:35:38 PM

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  • sheldon waxman
    ITEM: The so-called Patriot Bill: In the wake of the September 11 attacks on the World TradeCenter and the Pentagon, both Houses of Congress passed and the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2002

      ITEM: The so-called Patriot Bill: In the wake of the September 11 attacks
      on the World TradeCenter and the Pentagon, both Houses of Congress passed
      and the President signed into law a bill which NO-ONE in either House had
      even seen.... since it had not yet been printed. However, the timing is
      proof positive that the bill had been prepared PRIOR to the attacks! This
      law is a direct attack on the freedoms and rights of all Americans, NOT
      just terrorists!

      ITEM: The Shays-Meehan "Campaign Reform Law": The proper name of this law
      should have been the "Incumbent Protection Law." The reform in funding of
      campaigns will go into effect ONLY AFTER the next general election.
      However, it IMMEDIATELY will control political advertising which seeks to
      expose the voting records of office holders who have been violating their
      oaths of office. A clear violation of our First Amendment right of free
      speech. It is worth noting that many members of both Houses publicly
      admitted that there were parts of this bill which were UNCONSTITUTIONAL but
      they voted FOR it anyway. If that is not malfeasance in office, I don't
      know what would be!

      ITEM: "Model State Emergency Health Powers Act:" This is a proposed law
      which is, or will be, aggressively promoted in every state legislature. If
      enacted, it will give the governor of the state virtually DICTATORIAL
      powers to control real estate, food supplies, transportation,
      communications, firearms, medical facilities, medicines and the list goes
      on and on! Once the law is enacted, the governor may give himself/herself
      these powers by simply declaring an "emergency." In the act, "emergency" is
      NOT clearly defined and may be any excuse the governor wishes to use. An
      OPEN DOOR to tyranny!

      ITEM: "Growing Smart Legislative Guidebook:" This is a new attack on the
      very basis of a free society: private ownership and control of property!
      This could have been taken straight out of the Communist Manifesto which
      maintained that ALL property must be controlled by the State. This little
      gem provides FEDERAL subsidies to STATE governments which agree to
      establish FEDERAL rules for the zoning and control of PRIVATE property.
      This "Guidebook" took seven years to produce and cost $2.5 MILLION of
      taxpayer funds. This is an example of the textbook definition of FASCISM:
      Government control of privately owned property.

      ITEM: "Homeland Security Agency:" This innocuous sounding title hides the
      truth about the largest and most serious power grab in American history.
      This bill (which has already passed the House) will create the basis for a
      national police force. It will consolidate the "enforcement" actions of 22
      different government agencies into one monstrous bureaucracy. Most of the
      activities being consolidated are presently subject to Congressional
      oversight. Once the become part of the executive branch exclusively, that
      oversight will be difficult if not impossible. We have here the beginnings
      of an American "Geheime Staatspolizei"-- a Gestapo.

      ITEM: "Military Police Field Manual #3-19.40:" The subtitle on this
      government manual is: "Military Police Internment/Resettlement Operations."
      This was issued a few months BEFORE the 9/11 attacks and has been virtually
      totally ignored by the mass media. It is the official government military
      policy for establishing and maintaining CONCENTRATION CAMPS in this
      country. NOTE: Already existing prisons are capable of handling any
      anticipated foreign terrorists! "Internment / Relocation" Camps, the
      politically correct term for concentration camps, are needed ONLY to
      imprison large numbers of AMERICANS!

      Does all this BEGIN to cause a bit of unease in your mind? Do you begin to
      see a pattern in what those in government are DOING? The enemies of freedom
      are deadly serious and, if we are to have any hope of remaining a FREE
      people, we must DAMN WELL get just as serious about protecting our freedoms
      as they are about destroying them. We must get ACTIVE NOW, not tomorrow, or
      next week or next month! Every minute we delay will add dearly to the price
      of ultimate victory!

      "Published originally at EtherZone.com : republication allowed with this
      notice and hyperlink intact."

      Posted by sheldon waxman to
      Freedom Lawyers of America at 8/1/2002 9:35:38 PM

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