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Dr. Blondelove

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    I know a surprisingly-large number of intelligent, highly-trained, very competent men and women with military experience, business experience, and very
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2008
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      I know a surprisingly-large number of intelligent, highly-trained, very competent men and women with military experience, business experience, and very patriotic attitudes, for whom Obama seems to look like a liberal socialist closet-Muslim darkie street agitator, and who have decided McCain's years locked in a closet in Hanoi make him the greatest military hero since Patton... OK, but...
      This is not a TV image-making talent contest, nor a comedy candidate roast, nor a team-spirit rally for your party.  Campaigns may have become cartoon image-marketing shows, but the job of the President is real.  Vegas would give pretty good odds on the chance that President McCain would not outlive his office, and his VP would ascend to the Presidency.  Whatever value Sarah Palin may have as a campaign asset, what ought to matter to any of us is what happens after the election, and if she actually became the one who had to do the job.
      How many of you who have been out in the real world and seen the elephant up close, would like:
       to have that feisty "Tammy With Teeth" Sarah Palin:
            --made the CEO of your company, and your immediate commanding supervisor?
            --given a mustang commission and made your combat platoon leader?
            --going to the G-8 summit to negotiate America's position in world affairs?
            --deciding what shall be taught in your kids' schools as science and history?
            --deciding who should be appointed to the Supreme Court, and why?
            --deciding if she should take America to war by turning to her Bible?
            --calling Rev. Rapshur to ask him to explain it to her?
            --calling ex-President Bush?
      You guys who have been through a divorce or two:  
      How would like to be married to Sarah Palin, judging her character and close-in tactics by what you've seen of her?   dealing day to day with who decides what she can spend, or you, who picks up the kids from church, if you can change your job, whether your son can have a tattoo, what Jesus says about what you do in bed, what constitutes winning an argument with her, and why or why not should we nuke Iran?  Sure you would.
      Yet, even if only to stop Obama by voting Rep no matter who they run, you would place command of the most powerful office in the world, and the potential to release the use of world's nuclear arsenals into her hands?  THAT individual, out of all of us, is The Commander you "Follow The Flag" boys want us all to rally behind and obey, presumably the best, the most knowledgable and wisest of us, our champion True American, as a mature, experienced,  professionally trained Constitutional Conservative conscious adult would define one, such that you should trust HER with your nation's fate, your fortune, and the lives of your children?  Really?
      Yass, I know, I know, Obama=Osama=taxes and Watermelon One and he'd surrender to Al Qaida and all that, but  IS THIS ALL FOOLS YEAR?   Come on, guys, nobody could really be that comfortably numb, no matter what vet-meds they've got you on.  It could only happen in one of those nutsy twisted dark-comedy sci-fi horror movies: 
       "Dr. Blondelove, DD, President, MaryKay Commando In Chief, America's Angel Of The Apocalypse."

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