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  • Shelly Waxman
    House to vote on horse slaughter ban Fox News The House is once again confronting the slaughter of horses for meat, a practice lawmakers thought they had
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7, 2006
      House to vote on horse slaughter ban
      Fox News

      "The House is once again confronting the slaughter of horses for meat,
      a practice lawmakers thought they had ended last year. Congress voted
      in 2005 to stop horse slaughter. But they didn't ban it outright --
      lawmakers yanked the salaries and expenses of federal inspectors. In
      response, the Bush administration simply started charging slaughter
      plants for inspections. A vote was planned Thursday on whether to put
      an end to horse slaughter. Critics call the industry un-American. "
      [editor's note: Er, no ... having the government decide which
      livestock can be killed and which can only be entered in rodeos is
      what's "un-American" - TLK] (09/07/06)

      http://www.foxnews. com/wires/ 2006Sep07/ 0,4670,HorseSlau ghter,00. html

      Latest anti-porn target: Hotel room TV
      Christian Science Monitor

      "It's a business that has become quietly entrenched in America's
      corporate culture: pay-per-view pornography in hotel rooms. Most large
      chains provide the service, along with standard-issue films. The
      pay-per-view service has brought hotels millions of dollars a year.
      But these days, the US hotel business is also attracting moral outrage
      and vitriol -- on a scale that pornography insiders say amounts to one
      of the largest organized assaults on the skin business in recent
      memory. A consortium of 13 conservative groups has created
      CleanHotels. com, a website that provides listings and reservation
      services for US hotels where travelers can rest safe from taint or
      temptation. The conservative groups have also run a series of
      full-page ads in USA Today, urging authorities to prosecute hoteliers
      under federal and local obscenity statutes." [editor's note: If the
      only intention is to alert folks to alternatives, there is little
      wrong here; unfortunately, most of these groups tend to censorship,
      not choice - SAT] (09/06/06)

      http://www.csmonito r.com/2006/ 0906/p03s03- ussc.html
      UT: Polygamist leader appears in court

      "Looking pale and gaunt in a green-striped jail uniform, polygamist
      sect leader Warren Jeffs made his first appearance in a Utah court via
      closed-circuit TV Wednesday on charges he arranged a marriage between
      an underage girl and an older man. Jeffs, 50, is charged with two
      counts of rape as an accomplice. The charges carry up to life in
      prison. He is being held in the Purgatory Correctional Facility in
      nearby Hurricane." [I've heard a number of horror story's about
      Jeffs's sect ... but apparently all the prosecutors could come up with
      was a shaky accessory to statutory rape case. This guy was on the
      FBI's "most wanted" list -- but they haven't bothered to indict Osama
      bin Laden for 9/11 yet! - TLK] (09/06/06)

      http://www.forbes. com/home/ feeds/ap/ 2006/09/06/ ap2997697. html
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