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  • Shelly Waxman
    NV: Man fined for killing trees on his own property Las Vegas Sun A California business executive has agreed to pay a $50,000 fine for poisoning trees to
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2006

      "A California business executive has agreed to pay a $50,000 fine for poisoning trees to enhance the view from his Lake Tahoe home. John Fitzhenry apologized Wednesday to officials with the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency. 'This has been the most foolish thing I've ever done,' he said. Agency staff discovered last summer that Fitzhenry poisoned three, 40-foot Jeffrey pines on his $2.4 million property in Dollar Point on Tahoe's north shore. Inspectors noticed the trees were ailing while responding to the Silicon Valley executive's request for approval to cut them down. Officials said Fitzhenry, vice president of human resources for San Jose, Calif.,-based computer chip maker Altera Corp., drilled holes in the base of the trees and applied a herbicide. In February, TRPA staff had proposed a $17,000 fine. But environmentalists and agency governors called that amount paltry, saying it would do little to deter wealthy Tahoe homeowners from similar actions to boost the value of their property." (04/27/06)


      "The United States reacted cautiously on Saturday to a Mexican measure that would make it legal to carry small amounts of cocaine, heroin and other drugs for personal use. ... President Vicente Fox has yet to sign the bill, which would eliminate penalties for those caught with small amounts of some drugs, but his office has applauded it. Mexican lawmakers have said the bill will let authorities focus on major drug traffickers and not clutter prisons with small-time offenders. U.S. Embassy spokeswoman Judith Bryan said Saturday the measure could actually make it easier to prosecute drug crimes because it attempts to 'precisely specify the amount of narcotics in possession of a suspect to allow a criminal prosecution.'" [editor's note: This is one to watch -- it may provide some answers on the dispute between "incrementalism" advocates and "purist" anti-half-measurists - TLK] (04/30/06)

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