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  • Shelly Waxman
    Lebanon: Hezbollah claims win in elections Hezbollah and its Shiite allies claimed victory in southern Lebanon in Sunday s second stage of national elections,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2005
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      Lebanon: Hezbollah claims win in elections

      "Hezbollah and its Shiite allies claimed victory in southern Lebanon in Sunday's second stage of national elections, a vote the militant group hopes will prove its strength and send a message of defiance to the United States. Hundreds of Hezbollah supporters drove through the streets of Beirut waving the group's yellow flag in celebration. In Beirut's predominantly Shiite southern suburbs, fireworks lit the sky." (06/05/05)


      from Indianapolis Star
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      R. Lee Wrights on 6 Jun '05 1:56
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      California: Billboards aim to shame "johns"

      "A controversial 'shaming campaign' aimed at fighting prostitution [in Oakland] will include photos on some billboards of men who have been convicted of soliciting sex. The billboards will carry the headline: 'How Much Clearer Do We Have To Make It?' At a press conference Wednesday, city officials stood under a 10-by-22-foot billboard with the images of four convicted men intentionally blurred so they could not be recognized. 'We're warning everyone: Next time, the image won't be blurred,' City Council President Ignacio De La Fuente said. The billboards will only show images of people convicted of soliciting sex, he said. City officials say the measure is necessary at a time when prostitution is on the rise, particularly among girls as young as 11." (06/05/05)


      from Washington Times
      posted by
      Steve Trinward on 5 Jun '05 14:55
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