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The Influence of Zionism on Australian Politics

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  • union_faruque
    The Influence of Zionism on Australian Politics
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 22, 2009

      The Influence of Zionism on Australian Politics



      The long over due and a very dangerous theme like The Influence of Zionism on Australian Politics was organised by the well meaning and good institution of Australia known as Politics in the Pub. Two decent Jewish persons like Dr. Peter Slezac and Michael Brull were main speakers. Another good Jewish voice Antony Loewenstein was also silently present at that event.

      My questionable former Jewish friend Paul Reti was recording notes religiously over there! The incident mentioned in They Got the Rights – You Don't and Silencing the Truth to T-Shirt alerted me about Paul. Nonetheless he was sitting next to me. At one stage, in an unusual manner he asked me, "are you talking to Stuart"? I responded with amazement, "is it a question"? I did so because Professor Stuart Rees and many people present at that meeting are well known to me and we talk to each other regularly. Since Silencing the Truth to T-Shirt incident Paul stopped talking to me and he has displayed his unjustified anger towards me too.

      I have been emailing Paul and many other people about a number of issues concerning a range of subjects. Specifically, I said to Paul, "please let me know if I have written anything incorrect or improper". Surprisingly he never wrote to me or said to me that I was incorrect.              

      Anyway, I was the second questioner! I struggled to ask whether the Zionism is worse than Nazism based on information available on The Sacred Cow and my direct interaction with Professor Clive Kessler at the ABC studio and Professor Uri Davis at Sydney University respectively.


      Both Dr. Peter Slezac and Michael Brull were not pleased with my question. I understood their position because they have been walking though minefields and may be I should have placed my question in a sophisticated manner.


      The Contributions of Peter and Michael were pertinent, factual, pragmatic and even risky for them. I think people of this nature and caliber can break the taboo and assist us towards peace and justice. However, self serving politicians like "Al haj" Hilary Clinton and "Al haj" Julia Gillard of this world are showing their willingness to dust petrol on the fire!        


      My lovely friend of Jewish extraction, Alice Beauchamp did her best to improve the situation. However, a few misguided, rude and arrogant Israeli supporters behaved with incivility and they have demonstrated their absolute determination to act and continue to act in a very negative fashion without any justification whatsoever at that meeting.


      Beside many of their disturbing acts, at one stage they shouted, "…. Islam is the problem, ……". They did so with absolute zealotry. I then shouted back to them by saying, "if I follow your style and mentality then I must say; your religion is rejected by 99.96% people of this world and therefore do not blame Islam". Surely, I said so to counter their illogical behavior continuum.        


      Ultimately, I believe all human beings are equal regardless of sex, race and religion. I wonder when and how can we convince the Israeli power brokers to this direction?         



      Faruque Ahmed

      Sunday, August 23, 2009

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