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Re: Solar Power, Wind Power, Methane

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  • David Howe
    ... Paul, my impression is that on the internet, free energy generally means perpetual motion , etc. As far as solar, wind, and hydro go, you re probably
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 1, 2000
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      Paul MacDonald <paulmacdonald1@...> wrote:

      >I have noticed many people have been looking at using magnets and
      >the mysterious forces of magnets to find "free energy". I was just
      >wondering what personal definitions you have of "free energy". My
      >three picks are in the subject header. No one makes a claim that
      >the sun provides over-unity, but a guy with a solar panel can
      >harness the energy for "free".

      Paul, my impression is that on the internet, "free energy" generally
      means "perpetual motion", etc. As far as solar, wind, and hydro go,
      you're probably better off referring to them as "renewable energy".

      You're right, once you've got the solar panels/wind turbine/
      hydroelectric dam, you can harness the energy for "free". But you've
      got to factor in the amortized costs of the equipment for a fair
      economic analysis.

      >Does anyone know of any ongoing research into the above? Has the
      >potential been maxed out on such technology? What >about photo-synthesis?
      >I recall a
      >post mentioning something about that. For those who don't know,
      >the most efficient user of energy is a plant (to the best of my
      >knowledge). Has anyone tried to duplicate photo-synthesis w/o a

      IIRC, there was a news story just recently about some scientists
      who had used plant photosynthesis to produce hydrogen. This is
      definitely a step in the right direction.

      My guess is that 50-100 years from now, gasoline and internal
      combustion engines will obsolete. Our main fuel will be hydrogen,
      and this hydrogen will be produced with energy from solar, wind,
      and hydro (and maybe fusion???). Motive power will be produced by
      electric motors powered by fuel cells.

      Before we move to a pure hydrogen economy, we'll probably go through
      a phase where gasoline is still the primary fuel, but it will go into
      reformers that produce hydrogen. You can't scrap an infrastructure
      like the oil industry overnight. You've got to get a hydrogen
      distribution infrastructure in place before that. It will happen.

      The revolution is just beginning. I chide the "free energy" nutters
      for constantly saying "You just wait.", but I believe this time it's
      for real, and it's based on real, verifiable science.

      >Call me strange ("you're strange!") but I really think that research
      >into solar energy using a machine that duplicates the work of plants
      >would be the quickest way to the nirvana that is free energy.

      No, you're no stranger than I am.

      >In case anyone is wondering, I'm tired of hearing about more >->volts<- out
      >than in. I am hoping to start a new discussion on
      >some far fetched, yet potentially viable technology. That truly is
      >the point of this list IMHO.

      Actually, I thought the purpose of free_energy@onelist.com was to
      discuss nutter ideas of perpetual motion. I thought it was a forum
      where believers and skeptics could discuss the theories and lay the
      facts on the table. Somebody, please correct me if I'm wrong.

      I had joined criticalthought@onelist.com, thinking it was geared
      toward critical thought, but quickly found it was set up as a safe
      haven for true believers. My response to some really naive questions
      there on thermodynamics, where I suggested referring to a thermo
      textbook, was met by a paranoid screed about textbook learning, about
      how the smarty pants rule the world, and Boyd banned me from the list.
      I'd hate for that to happen here. If I'm out of line here backing
      free energy people into a corner with difficult questions, please
      let me know.

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