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free energy, post from pro Newman side

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  • Eric Krieg
    Hi folks, This forum is open to discussion from both sides. Many people have invested a lot of money with Joe and are more inclined to think there is merit to
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 1998
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      Hi folks,

      This forum is open to discussion from both sides. Many people have invested
      a lot of money with Joe and are more inclined to think there is merit to Joe's
      engine. The following is from Donny with Permission:

      Dear Eric,

      I also was at the Phoenix meeting and I stayed over until Monday to see the
      motor run. I
      am pasting an email that I sent to Evan Soule which is contrary to Michael
      experience. I traveled from Florida and was determined to see for my self if
      the motor
      worked or did not work. There is a sentence in the following past where I
      refer to the
      current draw of the motor as being between 1.7 and 2 amps. This is not a
      fluctuation while
      trying to choke down the motor, this is just the readings at different time
      when we ran the
      motor in the crippled condition it was in. The paste will explain.

      Best Regards
      Donny Appelbaum

      We had traveled to Phoenix to view the demonstration of Joseph Newman's latest
      prototype of
      the Motor/Generator. This one promised to be an advancement over the crude
      home built
      model shown in Joe's book. I had heard about the motor and the technology
      from a friend
      who had a print out off of the Internet. I read the information and
      immediately went to
      the Internet to find out everything I could about the technology. We went to
      the library
      and found a copy of Joe's book at the Tulane University Library in
      Mississippi, which they
      forwarded to us in Florida and I read it and re-read if for about 3 weeks.
      Evan Soule',
      the director of information for Joseph Newman Technologies Corp. kept me well
      informed and
      updated. So when Evan notified us that there would be a demonstration
      presentation in
      Phoenix Arizona on September 12th 1998, I made plans to go.

      The motor Joe had on display at the demonstration was sleek and compact and
      quite an
      advancement in design, but it was not running. During Joe's talk to the
      audience he
      explained the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the construction of the
      Basically the motor company hired to build the motor had attempted to grab the
      and sabotage Joe's efforts to bring the motor to the public. Joe had visited
      the motor
      company and corrected their wiring errors, supplied magnets for the motor,
      assembled it and
      had it running. Upon his return to the motor company a few days later, he
      found that they
      had disassembled the motor and cut the internal wiring. Joe quickly removed
      the unit from
      their shop and brought it to Arizona for the demonstration. At the time of
      demonstration the motor was not yet repaired and operational. Needless to say
      this was
      quite a disappointment to me and to everyone at the demonstration. We all
      knew that the
      motor worked as Joe had said, but we wanted to see it and experience it.
      After all a
      picture is worth a thousand words and an experience is worth a thousand

      Joe promised to have the motor operational by Monday for those who want to
      stay over. We
      decided to stay. By Monday afternoon Joe arrived with the motor and was
      ready to
      demonstrate it's power. He brought it to the Quality Inn where those that had
      remained in
      Phoenix during the weekend gathered for the experience. The motor was badly
      damaged by the
      motor company and was binding along the armature against the casing, but Joe
      and Milton
      Everett tapped the end bearing plates and turned the shaft searching for that
      critical spot
      where everything was mechanically aligned and the armature would free-wheel by
      hand. That
      spot was never found, but Joe, knowing the power of the motor, elected to run
      the motor for
      us even in this crippled condition.

      Twenty-four 6 volt dry cell batteries were used for the battery pack. An
      ammeter placed in
      line with the battery pack to measure the current draw from the motor, and Joe
      started it
      up. Finally I was able to see it run, and even in it's crippled state of
      operation, it was
      amazing. The rpms of the shaft, which normally would be 600 to 700 rpms was a
      very slow 80
      to 95 revolution per minute. That would be my best guess from watching the
      shaft. We each
      took turns trying to choke it down. We had a pair of gloves and we attempted
      to squeeze
      the shaft and put some strain on the motor. The motor drew 1.7 to 2 amps (at
      first it was
      drawing 2 amps and then later we noticed that it was only drawing 1.7 amps)
      and no matter
      how hard we tried we could not slow the motor down at all and the current draw
      steady throughout all of our attempts. We even tried to hold the shaft and
      then start the
      motor and there was absolutely no stopping it, and realize this was at a very
      low shaft
      rotation.(About 100 rpm) We operated the motor off and on for about an hour
      while we
      listened and talked with Joe about the motor, and about the possibilities it
      would provide
      for mankind, about manufacturing projections and plans, and about the amazing
      produced by the immense magnetic field of this motor. This motor was sleek
      and powerful
      and absolutely quiet. Compared to the models in the book(and on the tape) it
      was like a
      surfboard to a piece of plywood. It became obvious to me that from here on we
      can expect
      to see production. The time has truly come for the technology that Joe has
      understood and
      taught to manifest into products that we will be able to purchase and utilize
      in our lives.
      Joe's exciting plans for the 10K and 20K home power plants will just be the
      beginning. And
      for me, although Joe has been at it for over 20 years, this is the beginning
      and I am
      absolutely thrilled to be able to be a part of it. To see that motor come
      alive with the
      intense power that was at the shaft, and knowing, because I now understand the
      behind the motor, that the motor will continue to run with no need for
      additional fuel
      supplied from outside of the mass of the motor itself, and realizing that we
      are on the
      road to a pollution free, ultra modern society with unlimited energy
      potential, is
      incredible beyond words. The only words that I can really say are Thank You

      Best Regards
      Donny Appelbaum
      Now the other point of view: The people from the motor company (in a
      controversial report
      I hope to soon post) said that Joe, forcing the armature in with a
      sledgehammer, bent everything up. They document other damage he did. Electric
      motors have been around over 100 years - I don't see the big thing. I
      consider Joe's rambling book to be very one sided. I feel Joe had no right to
      have people cross the country for a demo before the motor was even running
      (much less verified to produce excess energy). Clamping down by hand means
      nothing. I can't stop a 2 pound electric drill (what's Newman's motor weigh?)
      - you have no idea what the friction was. Of course a slow motor will be
      quiet. For a motor that large to go that slow with no load is pathetic. The
      proper way to test a motor is hooked up to a generator so you can compare
      input and output power. My guess is it is far less efficient than good DC
      motors. Before you believe it runs with no additional fuel - let it run while
      supplying real net power for a few days and see if the batteries wear out. If
      it passes that test, I will join in on fantasizing about changing the world.
      Good luck getting Newman to do a fair test. I see no reason why Newman's 20
      year record will change. He hasn't responded to my challenge. I don't want
      to debate him on his theory - hundreds of people beg the world to listen to
      their theories. I consider a theory with quality evidence worth listening
      to. How much money has Newman raised from the guys with the gloves?

      best wishes,

      Eric Krieg eric@... fax (215) 654-0651
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