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Jeff Cook - ZPE Presentation

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  • Jeffrey N Cook
    All, This past Saturday I and my business partner (from Singularics, Corp.), Alex Petty, presented for the first time publicly our X-Wave transmission demo at
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2009
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      This past Saturday I and my business partner (from Singularics, Corp.), Alex Petty, presented for the first time publicly our X-Wave transmission demo at the 2009 Alternative Energy Partnership Conference in Waldorf, Maryland. We demonstrated Relative Conductivity, Negative Resistance, Positron Current, and a COP > 1 and much, much more. I was particularly pleased to pass around a pinned, levitating magnet, demonstrating the Jeff Cook Effect to all those present so that they could see it firsthand. All questions were answered.

      The event was filmed and broadcast live over the Internet. There should be some videos found online in the coming days, but I cannot say for sure where they will be posted, nor when. But it shouldn't take much of a search to find them I hope.

      The downside to our presentation was that while concentrating more on what I was saying than what I was doing, I pulled out an LED while the device was still on (demonstrating how Direct Band Gaps can be used to control large positron voltages) and the capacitor voltage increased immensely without it and destroyed all the other LED's almost instantly. I often do this mistakenly when demonstrating this. To make things worse, I left the replacement LED's at home and thought for a moment that the presentation was going to end at that moment. Fortunately, another individual had his parts bin with him and quickly came to our aid. Gave us a handful of LED's and the presentation went on. Argh! Whew!

      Another difficulty was that our presentation trailed demonstrations of Tesla technology, flashing lights, sparks flying, very dramatic. We had a tough act to follow. But we were the headliners, so it needed to be done and was. So, basically, we discussed the control and advancements of ZPE / Radiant Energy from Tesla's time to ours. Ours dealt with more theory and our methodology of bringing this technology down to the more modern, integrated circuitry level. We focused on how we have been able to replace Tesla's spark gap with a Z-Wave with better precision and consistency and then convert it to a non-linear X-Wave.

      In general, it went well. I did not promote the fact that we would attend, as I didn't know until the very last minute if we were actually going to be able to. We left it tentative with the host of the conference in case we needed to back out at the last minute. But I worked hard prior to the event to get the demo device wired and ready for a small-scale presentation in time. Barely got it completed by morning and we made it.

      I'd like to publicly thank Larry Jarboe for holding the conference and letting us take part. If anyone lives in his county, I would definitely recommend he be re-elected as County Commissioner. He's a great guy with great goals, and he knows how to get things done.


      Jeff Cook
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