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  • eric
    here is another FE claim that looks like another radiant energy sort of thing: http://altenergy-pro.com/ The following German person describes some kind of
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2002
      here is another FE claim that looks like another radiant energy sort of thing:
      The following German person describes some kind of offer of $100 to anyone who
      can explain why his centripetal force PM design won't work:
      I'm sorry the list had to get into nonsense theories about 9/11.   For people into crack
      pot conspiracy theories, I do have another list that gives weekly updates on such
      insanity at:
      The following are recent post attempts to the list:
      From: "stephen walker" <sexystephen@...>
      Date: Mon Apr 29, 2002 4:11pm
      Subject: Re: [free_energy] Re: (unknown)

      Yeah people, listen to Leo. Its so dangerous that you may not want to try it like I did. You may not want to build it like I did either because its so dangerous even though it never blew up on me. Thanks for that safty tip. (Leos advice really is good advice and I tend to agree with him for safty reasons. Do stand behind a heatshield for the bunsen burner test)

      >From: "chudslayer"
      >To: free_energy@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: [free_energy] Re: (unknown)
      >Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 13:33:51 -0000
      >To Everyone:
      >As a chemist and former laboratory instructor, I feel that I
      >issue the following safety warning to those who might want to
      >the experiment suggested in stephen's email:
      >When heating gasoline over an open flame, be sure to wear safety
      >goggles, asbestos gloves, and a full-length heat apron! Also, it
      >would be wise to conduct the experiment behind an explosion-proof
      >heat shield, and have a fire blanket, fire-extinguisher and
      >paramedics nearby.
      >Leo C.

      From: "stephen walker" <sexystephen@...>
      Date: Tue Apr 30, 2002 1:27am
      Subject: Re: The other BOB

      To Bob

           Thank you for your interest. After I tell you how and you build it maybe you will want to go to a warehouse and purchase one of their old very large electric forklifts. Take the electric motor out of the fork lift and then take the worthless gas motor out of a small car like a geo storm and place the forklift motor into the car. Then adapt the transaxle to the electric motor. Then plug the Perpetual Generator (PG) into a transformer and then the transformer splits, one cable going to the motor and the other into a step down sensor and the sensor to your accelerator pedal. Then drive to Alaska and back no fewer than 100 times noticing all the way that you never had to charge any batteries because there are no batteries to charge. Then show it to your friends who will beg you to make them one which you gladly do and they are happy. They blab their gums to the wrong person and you get visited by the wise guys who visited ruby ridge. Everyone points their fingers northwardly and they come to visit me were they will find a cup of tea waiting for them that I kept hot from their last meeting only this time they will be eaten alive by my german shepherds in an air lock that AL locks them in. Seriously, sure I will love to do that. By the way did you know that a parabolic magnet will levitate a small piece of metal about two inches in the air just like the complicated superconductors do? Interesting huah? What you do with it is your business but be careful. You WILL  attract attention. Fasten your seat belts, spit out that gum, put on this helmut and place your head between your knees because........... here   we    go..........

      There are progressive steps in producing a magnet with a parabolic focus to it. First and foremost you must realize that NO manufacturer produces such a thing because until I had mine made (the first time) there was no basic industrial standard to the process. For a primed and preliminary prep, do the following:

      1}     Go to all the magnet manufacturers in your area and tell them that you want them to produce eight rectangular magnets bearing the dimensions two inches by two inches by six inches. These magnets are NOT to have the straight north to south configurations of the iron fibers within the magnets but must have instead a coneular configuration. That is to say that the fibers must be  produced in such a way as to simulate the shape of a cone. A cone on another cone on another cone and so on. The cone tip should be pointing at the positive end of the magnet. The wider portion of the cone shaped configuration must be pointing at the negative end of the rectangular magnet. Or if you wanted you could simplify things for them by asking them to simply manufacture a cone shaped magnet. BE CAREFUL that they do not manufacture a magnet in the shape of a cone but with the iron fibers just going up and down. No. This is wrong. All of the fibers in the magnetic cone must point at a 45 degree angle towards the tip of the cone.

      2}     Then go to a plastics manufacturer and tell them that you will need a solid plastic drum bearing the dimensions of a diameter of 24 inches and a height of four feet. I went through Laurianti plastics in Denver Colorado. Tell them that you want to insert your rectangular or cone type magnets into this solid plastic drum at specific places and then ask them what they offer as far as insertion molding and regular die cut molding. When they ask you how many insertions you want tell them 96 square insertions each being six inches deep from the outer curved edge of the drum inwardly at an angle. They will give you a cost on the drum (not very expensive) Why plastic? Because plastic and electricity are best friends. Static electricity will naturally be produced in the plastic drum when you place the magnets within the insertions. The type of plastic is pbs or abs. PBS is best. The electrostatically charged plastic when charged becomes a natural magnetic insulator. A natural occurrence that works well.

      3}     And finally for this first step ask this manufacturer to produce a hollow cylinder that the drum will fit into same snug with  1/16th of an inch between the outer edge of the drum and the inner edge of the cylinder. The cylinder should be 12 inches thick with 96 square insertions also 6 inches deep. I'll let you know the exact angles of the insertions later. Get the cost of this as well.

           When you have done these things post me back and we'll go further. If you stay the distance, you'll have the time of your life Bob. If you drop out then you'll miss out.  


      >From: BOB EXADOR
      >To: FE
      >CC: STE
      >Subject: The other BOB
      >Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 04:34:16 -0700 (PDT)
      >Please tell me about your parabolically focused
      >magnets and the alignment required to spin a tank the
      >size of a hot water heater at 3.000 rpm so I can build
      >one for myself.
      >Thank you,

      From: "stephen walker" <sexystephen@...>
      Date: Tue Apr 30, 2002 1:59am
      Subject: Re: [free_energy] (unknown)


           I enjoy your sense of humor. I don't know the GEET system but from what you explain the guy sounds like he is fireing into the dark trying to get hydrocarbons. No. Convert gasoline into a gas like methane or propane then use it in your vehicle. There is your 200+ MPG. But for high performance on the race track, take some of Aut's resentful octane and connect it to a ready switch. NASA would be calling.

      >From: Sidney Hagen
      >To: free_energy@yahoogroups.com, bwt@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: [free_energy] (unknown)
      >Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 00:18:21 -0700 (PDT)
      >Dear Stephen:
      >GEET is an area in which I am very well versed, and am
      >not being a raving skeptic. A little later in this
      >post I will resort to being a raving skeptic. <snip>

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