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How many motors did Joe Newman deliver in June? ? ?

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  • Norm Biss
    The following is food for thought, for all list members. Joe Newman informed everyone that he was going to have production motors ready for delivery in June of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 1999
      The following is food for thought, for all list members.

      Joe Newman informed everyone that he was going to have production motors ready for delivery in June
      of 1999. So, how many motors has he delivered, prior to today (July 1st, 1999)? Answer: NONE !
      Why is this so? Answer: Because Joe Newman never had any intention of delivering any of his
      so-called "Production Motors". He hedged his statement with the qualifier that IF he had enough
      people who gave him the $3,500.00 down payment, he would have them in production.

      What everyone must understand, is that the Company I am employed by, was ready to go into production
      of the motor, IF it had done as Joe Newman predicted. In a panic, Joe Newman stole the Prototype
      prior to final testing, because he knew that it could not possibly do as claimed. We would have
      geared-up for production, and we would NOT have been begging for investor money as Joe Newman has
      been doing. Joe Newman had everything at his disposal to produce his motor, and he refused it. Not
      only did he refuse it, he then tried every dirty trick imaginable to slander both myself and the
      company that I am employed by. But then, this is a trademark of Joe Newman. He uses people to get
      what he wants, Then he discards them, and by spin-doctoring, he makes it appear as though THEY
      betrayed him. In reality, it is Joe Newman getting rid of people who are either no longer useful to
      him, or refuse to endorse his scam.

      Perhaps, in the beginning, Joe Newman sincerely believed that he was on to a new aspect of Physics.
      But as time dragged on, and his motor could NOT perform as he predicted, he started pushing his
      technology to unwary investors. His actions are now bordering on the criminal.

      If you will look at the message that he posted on the 17 of May, 1999, titled: THE "AMP-TURN"
      SO-CALLED "LAW" IS NOT A LAW OF NATURE, you will find amazing parallels with a Press Release from
      Joe Newman of January 1st, 1999. I bring this up for a very good reason. First, though, I am going
      to provide you with the URL's of both documents, so you can compare them for yourselves. The
      AMP-TURN LAW Document can be found at:


      The Jan. 1st, 1999 Press Release can be seen at:


      Joe Newman/Evan Soule would have you believe that the person providing the information on the
      AMP-TURN LAW, was a Physicist from a foreign country. This is absolutely not so. This document was
      written by Evan Soule' pretending to be someone else. (Can't stop the motor with both hands, air,
      land, water pollution, love for humanity, getting GOD into the equation, well-being of mankind,
      etc.) There is NO Physicist who would endorse a motor by claiming: "yep, must really be some
      motor, since I can't stop it with both hands."

      Mr. Newman then refers to his "Laboratory". Joe Newman doesn't have a Laboratory. If he did, he
      would have lab notes, which he would publish. These notes would show how he arrived at the
      mathematical figures which support his claims for his motor. (You will notice that the most
      "Scientific" proof he has, is the inability to stop the motor with his bare hands.)

      He next conjures-up a mythical "overseas" Custom Service employee, but just before he does, he
      takes the opportunity to "push" his video tape. This "person", refers to Joe's "life calling",
      "helping the poor", "the nasty U.S Government who is fighting Mr. Newman", etc., etc.

      In Joe's comments in the P.S., he refers to this so-called Physicist that he BROKE OUT INTO A BIG
      HAPPY GRIN ACROSS HIS FACE....................You will find almost the same reference Joe Newman
      made about MY employer, which is found in my URL:


      These documents were all written by the same person: Evan Soule'. Evan thinks that we are all so
      gullible, that we are going to swallow this story. Evan Soule does not have enough pure
      intelligence to make it work. By "Pure" intelligence, I am referring to his lack of being able to
      think geometrically, logically or systematically. Harsh words, to be sure, nevertheless,
      truthful. I do not mean to imply that Evan is unintelligent. He just does not have that raw
      ingredient necessary to put
      everything together. He is VERY literate. He is also very cunning. Instead of providing proof of
      Joe Newman's "Motor", he helps Joe push his book and video tapes. When anyone questions either Joe
      or Evan, Evan goes into his attack mode, and childishly slams them. Evan and Joe could cause
      everyone to shut-up with verifiable proof of Joe's claims. But we will never see it, because it
      doesn't exist.

      The only reason for the statement of 17 May, 1999, is to get people used to the idea of a foreign
      country being involved in Joe's work. I personally feel that they are laying the groundwork for Joe
      Newman to pull-up stakes, and move to a foreign country with his scam, because he has milked this
      country for just about all he is going to get. As far as American investors are concerned, they can
      kiss their investments "Goodbye".

      If you, or anyone you know has invested in Joe Newman's Production motor, and have not gotten your
      motor, I would strongly suggest that you contact the Attorney General of Arizona, and your home
      State Attorney General. In addition, I would recommend also contacting the Internet Fraud Bureau,
      and the FTC ! I have already contacted geocities.com, and informed them that they may be
      co-defendents in any suits. I have explained everything to them, and pointed them to all the URL's
      which justify my claims.

      Please feel free to pass this along to anybody.


      Norm Biss
      Erie, Pa.

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