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free energy 9-1-98

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  • Eric Krieg
    Folks, I got the following from Alan who has been really struggling trying to make a living from a small solar niche market. He certainly shares a lot of my
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 1998

      I got the following from Alan who has been really struggling
      trying to make a living from a small solar niche market. He
      certainly shares a lot of my sentiments:


      Came across your site by accident and it fascinated me - why? - well I am a
      borne again environmentalist approaching 50 and living in the Middle East and
      am a genuine Ph.D. which are few and far between here - in fact there are
      probably more Dr.'s than Mr.'s. locally.

      I have seen so many claims to "Free Energy" devices, all of which were proven
      false over the last 40 years, so I am now an absolute skeptic on such devices.
      I recently set up a Solar PV business which many people regard as "Free
      Energy" but in effect Photo voltaic technologies are locally several times
      more expensive then conventional generated electricity,
      but in remote areas without a power grid, they are the most economic solution
      to small power needs.

      I am regularly told that the Oil Companies, Saudi Arabia etc. have
      bought up all the "Free Energy" technologies - my opinion is that there was
      never anything to buy!!

      I am also regularly told that Photovoltaics should be so cheap as
      they are made from sand (Silicon) - in which case so would the computer I am
      currently working on.

      True, the multinational oil and electric companies have most patents
      in solar power, but if they had the power the "conspiracy theory" groups claim
      then oil would never have reduced in price. Basically due to competition they
      are unable to control the price of Oil as OPEC was able in the 1970's. Also
      the price of TV's and mobile phones keeps
      coming down despite only a few multinationals having control of the patents.

      "Where Two or Three are gathered together in the Name of Profit -
      there shalt be competition! - especially if there be four, five six or moreth"

      I never quite understood how Cartels always seem to collapse but have
      come to the conclusion that Greed which originally brings them together is
      also the cause of their inevitable failure - eventually.

      Similarly Photovoltaics (my personal passion) have reduced from over
      $100,000 per peak watt nearly 40 yeas ago to under $4 now and they are set to
      reduce further in a manner similar to "Computing Power" has since the first 8
      bit PC with 0.5 KB memory became available at $10,000.

      I have also seen the power of "Religious Cults" on their followers
      and cannot believe how nice so many individuals are including several of my
      previous friends. I always remember Erlich Von Daniken of the 1960's -
      "Chariots of the Gods" etc. and his false claims and religious following
      (which I nearly joined). He made $millions from false claims and contributions
      from followers - seems like religion (Erlich lives again in Scientology) or
      politics to me.

      Anyway liked the site especially the way you included the oppositions

      Keep up the good work.


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