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FE - free energy update

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  • eric krieg
    The following article is a good overview of cases of physicists misinterpreting results and being too quick to announce amazing discoveries:
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2001
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      The following article is a good overview of cases of physicists misinterpreting results and
      being too quick to announce amazing discoveries:

      url for windcrank progress,
      I heard the Steve Elswick Exotic Research conference only had about 30 people.

      The Australian Skeptics appear poised to publish a report on the Christie-Britts FE effort.

      Joe Firmage has been said to be a supporter of research into FE.  He's been said
      to be financing Puthoffs investigation of FE.  Puthoffs lab has failed to find real
      evidence of BLP's claims.  anyhow a release by Firmage:

      For release: 29 August 2001

      21-23 SEPTEMBER

      New Ideas About Energy Consumption, Cultural Values and Reinventing the "American Dream" to
      Challenge Policies of the Bush Administration

      Phoenix...24 August...Sustainable alternatives to the "short-sighted" steps of the Bush
      administration will be explored at the 21-23 September Paradox Conference by Paolo Soleri,
      Ph.D., philosopher and pioneer of more livable, environmentally-intelligent cities; Joe
      Firmage, scientist and technology entrepreneur; and Paul H. Ray, Ph.D., co-author of the
      influential book The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People Are Changing the World.

      The third in the biannual Paradox series, the September program continues the ongoing
      inquiry into the paradoxes in the increasing interplay between physical and cyber reality.
      This year's conference focuses on "Third-Millennium Habitats" that integrate sustainable
      habitats, cyberspace and new forms of community. New- and old-economy business executives,
      architects and urban planners, cybernauts and students are expected to attend.

      Dr. Soleri to Address the Need to Redefine the "American Dream"

      Paolo Soleri, Italian-born architect and associate of Frank Lloyd Wright, is hosting Paradox
      III at his Arcosanti habitat 65 miles north of Phoenix. A self-contained community in the
      Arizona desert, Arcosanti embodies Dr. Soleri's theory of "arcology," or the marriage of
      architecture and ecology to create urban habitats that conserve resources and blend
      harmoniously with the environment.

      "Unless we moderate, unless we reinvent the 'American dream,'" Soleri explained in a 26 July
      interview with The New York Times, "then it's not going to be a dream. It's going to be
      doomsday." Soleri estimates that if the standards of the American dream were applied to
      every nation, the resources of 19 earths would be required to maintain the resulting levels
      of consumption and pollution. "The American Dream physically embodied in the single family
      house has to be reinvented in terms which are coherent with the human biospheric reality."

      Mr. Firmage to Explore Alternative Energy Resources

      "Technologies are possible that could make daily use of energy nearly free within perhaps 20
      years, but they receive almost no R&D funding" states Mr. Joe Firmage, a panelist who has
      made significant investments in the development of alternative energy resources. "The Bush
      administration's energy plan does little to address efficiency and renewable programs; yet,
      it includes a two-billion-dollar subsidy for the coal industry."

      "In short, capitalism does not see the value in innovations that would drop prices to nearly
      zero, since such prices would decimate revenue lines of P&Ls," says Firmage, who will
      discuss potential breakthroughs in green-energy technologies. "Energy-generation industries
      have been controlling supply to prop up profits for decades; meanwhile, the price of
      subsistence-level energy consumption exceeds the earning power of much of the world's

      Firmage is founder of Motion Sciences Organization and co-founder and chairman of
      International Space Sciences Organization (ISSO), established in 1998 to sponsor research
      and development of new technologies derived from the emerging principles of modern physics.
      In 1995, Firmage founded USWeb, the world's largest Internet professional-services company.
      Until 1998, he served as CEO and chief strategist of the three-billion-dollar company and
      received recognition as Ernst & Young's 1997 "Young Entrepreneur of the Year."

      Dr. Ray to Examine the Values of a New Civilization

      "Our civilization is in the midst of an epochal change, caught between globalization,
      accelerating technologies and a deteriorating planetary ecology," concludes Dr. Paul H. Ray
      in his book, The Cultural Creatives, which examines the growing number of people who want to
      see deep changes in the cultures that have evolved in industrialized nations. "A creative
      minority can have enormous leverage to carry us into a new renaissance instead of a
      disastrous fall."

      Ray will lead a panel discussion on the need to develop shifting cultural values. He
      explains: "Seventy percent of all Americans and 70 percent of all homebuyers in America are
      unhappy with suburbs as they are. They ask, 'Why can't we have good, sustainable urban
      places that we want to live in?'"

      Ray, who is CEO of Integral Partnerships LLC consulting firm, started his career in
      urbanism: sociology, planning and policy analysis. As former chief of policy research on
      energy conservation for the Canadian Government, he headed the largest evaluation-research
      project conducted in Canada on home energy conservation. He has led over 100 values-oriented
      research projects in such areas as housing, ecological sustainability, energy, cars, food,
      recreation vacation travel, finances, health, good causes, media, altruism, and innovation.
      Project sponsors have been mostly foundations, state and national governments, and Fortune
      500 corporations.

      Paradox III will feature many leaders in sustainable development and ecological urban
      design. The conference fee is $195 and will increase to $295 on 1 September. For complete
      conference information, call 415 865 0481 or 520 632 7135 or see www.arcosanti.org/paradox.

      Co-directors are Ron Anastasia (rjon@...) and Michael Gosney (mg@...).

      Linda Roby
      520 632 7135

      Judi Skalsky
      The Jerde Partnership International
      310 459 6361

      Verbum, Inc.
      285 Ninth Street
      San Francisco, CA 94103
      415-865-0481   fax 415-865-0509



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