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  • eric krieg
    There is a group dedicated to people who feel they have been mistreated by GEET: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GeetCon People who feel that they have been
    Message 1 of 4 , May 8, 2001
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      There is a group dedicated to people who feel they have been mistreated by GEET:

      People who feel that they have been defrauded in business deals can easily file a compalint with the FTC from:

      The following is an attempt to sell a free energy design called ELSA over ebay:

      You can learn about ATMOS clocks which run off subtle air temperature changes from:

      The following is from another email list:

      Subject: Announcement from Jim Cox
      Date: Tue, 8 May 2001 16:16:35 -0700
      From: Patrick Bailey <pgb@... (Patrick Bailey)>

      Announcement from Jim Cox
      (Received in Feb. I was awaiting more info.):

      Take note of the following items and
      post/distribute as you see fit:

      1. The regular AG Conference held in Reno is
      canceled for the year 2001, in deference to Jerry
      Decker's new conference in Dallas June 16/17 (bush
      country). I will offer him a video report/update on my
      "dean drive" research for showing.

      2. A new start-up company is being formed in Reno
      called Inertiacraft Technology Corporation (ITC), and
      a catalog sent out shortly offering many exciting new
      products for sale related to inertia experiments and
      propulsion, as well as a new website for the same. The
      core products will be GILS Thrust Modules in the 10,
      100, 1000 and 10,000 lb lift category for various
      customer applications (to be developed over 5 years).

      3. My phone number listed at the <padrak.com/agn>
      website is no longer operative. I will be
      transitioning over to a new location during February
      and will post a new number when it is available
      (unless I get a cell phone). Contact point will be
      Mr.Kita for any questions or problems. Accordingly,
      there is a suspension of newsletter activity since
      everything is boxed up for moving.

      4. The new company (ITC) will hold an investor's
      meeting in the month of April/May in Reno. Attendence
      is by invitation only to qualified investors. Purpose
      is to raise $1,000,000 to form the core corporate team
      and launch the new product line. Fee for the meeting
      is $1000 and is limited to 100 persons. I currently
      have four prototype items ready for commercialization
      (to be on display). Highlight of the meeting will be
      demonstration of the 4-unit GILS self-lifter. Also,
      there will be a presentation of concept designs for
      the Personal Back-Pak Self Lifter and the Two
      Passenger Inertiacraft Vehicle. Inertial propulsion
      technology is in its infancy so a review of the
      technology issues (such a clutch reliability and
      passenger safety) will be offered, as well as patent
      status, followed by a question/answer session. Contact
      Jim Cox directly via e-mail (bootstrapcox@...>
      if think you are qualified and desire to attend.

      5. My heartfelt thanks go out to all of my
      supporters over the last 3-4 years of AGN
      subscribers/conference attendees (despite the
      shoe-string operation) but which gave me time and a
      little financial aid to pursue by inertial propulsion
      investigations. You all now represent the core team
      from which we can now enter a new age in the
      transportation industry that could parallel the
      information technology revolution we have already
      experienced. Update your resumes! Bill Gates, I am on
      your tail!!!

      6. I now have a video (30 minute)data summary of all
      the key tests on the Gravito-Inertial Lift System that
      prove indisputably its stunning unidirectional lift
      characteristics. This includes, besides the bathscale
      50% weightloss (1999 AG Conference), but the digital
      electronic strain gauge weightloss of 90%, and recent
      "action" and "reaction" force transducer measurements
      as well as vectoring on ball bearing wheels. This
      video cost is $50 including shipment. Make checks to
      James E. Cox Enterprise, P.O.Box 71151, Reno, Nevada

      7. Finally, a special thanks to the Bay Area Support
      Group consisting of Dr.Bailey, who has been my
      webmaster (the blind leading the blind), with whom I
      expect to do additional business vs LHMC projects, and
      Creon Levitt at ISSO for their conference support and
      handsome consulting payments regarding AG tradeoffs.
      Lastly, a long and loyal friend, Ron Kita, who is
      definitely FAMILY!

      -- JIM COX======================


      The following is from that Indian FE anti gravity guy:

      The message summary:
      FROM: gurbakhsh_mann@...
      DATE: Tue, 8 May 2001 05:35:05 -0700 (PDT)

      Hello, I,Gurbakhsh Singh Mann (Inventor) claim to have
      MOTION MACHINE- prime mover for power generation in a big
      way and for other useful purposes on 03-05-2001.Almost all
      the details regarding design and benefits of this machine
      are the same as have been given regarding TWO BIGGEST EVER
      invented by me on 29-10-1997,given on the internet since
      19-11-1997 at http://www.pugmarks.com/biz/gsmann/ and alsogiven in
      e-mails sent to free_energy @yahoogroups.com upto
      25-04-2001- except difference in its working

      In MANN GRAVITY MACHINE(M.G.M.)weight/weights and
      in MANN BOUYANCY MACHINE(M.G.M.) closed -in hollow
      object/objects are such provided as to move the
      machines at considerably high speed for power
      generation and other useful purposes,but in MANN
      GRAVITY-CUM-BOUYANCY MACHINE both weight/weights and
      closed in hollow object/objects are such provided as
      to move the machine automatically-horizontally at
      considerably high speed for power generation and other
      useful purposes.
      This machine is also a horizontal machine.With
      this the number of my inventions -PERPETUAL MOTION
      MACHINES- has been increased to three.
      All these three machines as per my vision- are
      growth engines for Global Development and can boost up
      economy of different countries of the

    • eric krieg
      The Museum of Unworkable Devices -this has a great classification of different early FE and PM designs. HOT OFF THE PRESS VOLUME 8 NUMBER 3 - this is
      Message 2 of 4 , Sep 5 6:50 PM
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         The Museum of Unworkable Devices -this has a great classification of different early FE and PM designs.

         HOT OFF THE PRESS VOLUME 8 NUMBER 3 - this is electrifying times - this issue is FE
        the following is from one of their roving reporters with permission:

        Dear Eric, I just posted this...  I thought you might want to also read:
        http://www.remyc.com/mantransforms.html where I write about my own troubles trying to hand out an article by Peter Lindemann at a recent conference in New York City.
        Remy C.
        ed-at-large Electrifying Times

        ----- Original Message -----
        From: "Remy C." <remyc@...> To: "End Secrecy List" <endsecrecy@yahoogroups.com> Sent: Sunday, July 01, 2001 2:22 AM Subject: Exotic Research Report Dear End Secrecy list and other blind Ccs, Today I received the new issue of Exotic Research Report, which had not published a new issue in over a year.  Publisher Steve Elswick explains why.
        Sounds like he's been to hell and back.

        Exotic Research is one of the longest standing magazine which reports on free energy research.  It has its roots in Tesla, Steve having originally been the publisher of the official magazine of the Tesla Society before that organization folded in the midst of some rather strange financial and political confusion.

        Steve announces the creation of a new section on his website called SkunkWorks!  I have not tried to access it yet: www.exoticresearch.com This issue has a rather telling article by Eric Krieg on how Dennis Lee sent out his security guards to prevent the author from handing out free energy literature at one of his rallies.  So it would seem it's OK for Dennis Lee to talk about free energy, but not for anybody else, at least not on his dime.
        One more reason why I've always felt, just as Peter Lindemann does, that Dennis is actually a tool of the secret government who's job it is to discredit free energy research by pitching its worse snake oil clichés!

        Finally more info on the GEET device.  I've been fascinated with this invention and its inventor ever since meeting him and seeing a demonstration at a New Energy Conference in Denver years ago.  I've always felt Paul Pantone to be a decent human, and his invention worthy of serious consideration.  I told him back then, when he was still trying to sell his technology for big bucks that I hoped he would not die with his secret.
        Years later he is now giving it away to anyone who wants it, and it would seem, many people around the world have been building working devices as a result of him providing them with blueprints.  But by reading this article, even though it aims to be a how-to paper on how to convert a standard lawnmower I still can't get a mental picture in my mind as to how this thing works!  Call me stupid.  (Hey, Jack Sarfatti keeps telling me my mind is mush.
        Let him if that makes him happy.  I wonder how he can tolerate living in this world if he considers someone like me stupid.  Life for him must be unbearable being surrounded by such density, hey Jack?) There's a diagram, but the device is not attached to an engine, so I can't connect it to anything...  The captions don't make much sense.  It's the kind of thing you need hands on, otherwise no amount of written and visual aid will help you.
        If you want to do this, you need to copy off a real three dimensional device someone else has already built.  Because Paul has never had much of a knack for writing proper manuals.  It reads like Japanese instructions for programming your VCR!  I really want to understand.  Maybe I need a high school kid to teach me.  There's three of them on the back cover of the issue, standing in front of a working device, which as you surely know, burns with near 100% combustion and 99% emissions free just about everything from Coca-Cola to cat pipi.  Too good to be true?  I don't think these high school students proudly wearing GEET jackets would fall prey to a scam.
        There's too many science teachers ready to pounce at the first sign of subterfuge.  So are we witnessing the true rise of an alternative combustion science?  Could be?  That's why we need movies like The Fast & The Furious, to revive "racing" as the place to try new things!  Official racing like Nascar and Formula one, in case you did not know, interdicts anything out of the ordinary that would give an unfair advantage to any one team.  Racing is about doing more with less, to a point.  So it will take a street racing revolution to unbridle the restrictions!  So please, if anyone out there has a simple explanation sheet about how the GEET device works, that can be understood by a two year old, please, PLEASE, forward it to me!!!

        Among other things in this new issue is what appears to be an excerpt by Moray King from a book he published over ten years ago titled Tapping The Zero-Point Energy in which he researched and reproduced every single mention of zero-point he could find in the orginal works of quantum physics pioneers.  A great book I'm sure, but since I have absolutely no physics beyond a basic engineering understanding of electromagnetics, it's all hieroglyphs to me.  But to someone with a physics degree, or a modicum of physics, I'm told it's quite a find.

        Marc Selfer, the author of a recent biography on Tesla, writes about the destruction of Wardenclyffe and the circumstances that led to its tumbling down like so much dead wood.  Humanity took a strange turn for the worse at that crossroad.  The world would have been quite a different place today had Tesla been allowed to complete his vision.  We'll never know what alternative future this could have brought...  Perhaps it was for the better, perhaps not.  Either way, we need to figure what it is he wanted to do.  Surely that's what the folks who toy with HAARP now know for sure!

        There's a lot more in this issue, but that's what stood out for me, and that's what my thoughts are.  There is a quote from Tesla in Steve's editorial from the 1934 issue of Modern Mechanics and Inventions: "The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly.  One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.  Today's scientist have substituted mathematics for experiments and they wander off through equation after equation and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality." Surely nothing is more true today about the state of quantum physics research.  If indeed free energy is right under our nose, why are we as the French say: "Looking for noon at fourteen hundred." Hey Jack?

        To obtain your own copy of the July/Aug/September 1999 issue, YES, 1999, just out, send $8.95 to Steve Elswick at Box 411, Stanfield, AZ 85272.
        Tell him the End Secrecy list sent you!

        Remy C.


        As posted Friday on the INE website: INE/EEMF 2001 SYMPOSIUM FOR NEW ENERGY
         INE/EEMF 2001 Symposium For New Energy (Updated Aug. 31, 2001!)  http://www.padrak.com/ine/INECONF01.html

        Tthe following (which is none too critical)  is reproduced  from
         "A Critical Overview"
        "A Critical Review of the Available Information Regarding Claims of
        Zero-Point Energy, Free-Energy, and Over-Unity Experiments and Devices"

        Patrick G. Bailey
        P.O. Box 201
        Los Altos, CA 94023-0201

        Toby Grotz
        760 Prairie Avenue
        Craig, CO 81625-1346


        A summary review is presented of the experiments, motors, generators, devices, and demonstrations that have been
        reported in the past few years to produce near-unity or over-unity operation. The concepts of free-energy, zero-point
        energy, and over-unity devices are not new, and many examples of such devices have been built within the last 100 years.
        26 researchers are reviewed and 11 are selected for immediate interest and support. Whether a new form of potential
        energy can be demonstrated and successfully utilized within the near future for the ultimate benefit of the human race
        remains to be seen.


        'Energy' cannot be created nor destroyed - it exists throughout space and within matter. 'Perpetual Motion' does not exist -
        long lasting motion is easily observable, such as planetary orbits. 'Stupidity' is not hereditary - and it is not a survival trait.

        'Zero-Point Energy' (ZPE) is known as an energy that fills the fabric of all space. Technically the ZPE results from an
        electric flux that flows orthogonally to our perceived dimension or reality. The mass equivalence of this energy has been
        calculated by physicists to be on the order of 1093 gms/cm3. Henry T. Moray, Walter Russell, and Nikola Tesla described
        the nature of the ZPE and designed and built equipment to engineer its properties. It may be possible to build devices to
        cohere this energy. This would result in a non-polluting, unlimited supply of virtually free energy.

        'Free Energy' is a term that can have two meanings: either the additional energy that can be obtained from a device at little
        or no additional cost, so the additional energy is essentially free; or more output energy that appears to be available than
        input energy, such as in the case of detonating an atomic bomb.

        'Over-unity Devices' are those systems which appear to produce more energy than they use. In analyzing such systems, a
        box is drawn around the device and energy balances are formulated to measure the amounts of energy coming into and out
        of that box. Whether or not the device is termed an 'over-unity' device will depend upon the size of the box. When the box
        is drawn large enough, all systems or devices will have a net energy transfer of zero. On the other hand, when the box is
        drawn just small enough, the device can be said to be an 'over-unity' device, and an intelligent physicist will know better.

        From this point of view, examples of existing so-called free-energy devices abound: such as Hoover Dam. So then is any
        generator, or any nuclear reactor. More energy certainly comes out of a dam than went in to making it (by us, at least). And
        any dam engineer will tell you that it will produce more energy than it cost to build and that it will last forever (or at least
        until his kids get out of college). So it is seen that these generators can be thought of as free-energy devices, while they are
        really only energy conversion devices, and obviously not perpetual motion machines. People who insist that they actually
        are, are either very ignorant or very devious. In such cases, examine the person's true motives. [Another 'free-energy'
        device of increasingly note-worthy attention is the Federal Reserve, which is not an agency of the US government. (Figgie

        Sources of Information and Data

        Ultimately, the sources for all information in these areas come from the inventors, researchers, or investigators themselves.
        The US and foreign patent offices provide some information into new developments in these areas, yet the actual patents
        reveal very little useful information and almost no experimental results. Patent law does not require complete disclosure of
        all data, and patents are held nationally. An interesting area of big business today is the international transfer of patents at no

        Other sources of information and data include papers, reports, books, and conference proceedings. Papers and books that
        are of special interest are those by Hans Coler (1946), the Gravity Research Group (GRG 1956), Stefan Marinov (1992),
        Hans Nieper (1984), and Shinichi Seike (1992). Conferences that have been recently held to collect and summarize
        information in these areas include the 26th and 27th Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conferences (1991 and
        1992) and the more recent International Symposium on New Energy (ISNE) (April 1993). All of these materials are
        available from the sources identified in the references section. As a result of a 1993 ISNE working group, the working
        devices were categorized into four distinct areas: (1) Solid-State Space-Energy Generators, (2) Rotating Space-Energy
        Machines, (3) Fusion Conversion Devices, and (4) Hydrogen Energy.

        Summary of Interesting Theories, Experiments, and Devices

        "Some things have to be believed to be seen." [1]

        There are several societies and conferences world-wide that present and sometimes document the results of research in
        these areas. As this work is not considered as mainstream science within the US, much of the results of these researchers
        goes by unnoticed. The 26th IECEC (1991) provided a forum for researchers in these areas to voluntarily come forward
        and present their ideas, theories, and results to the mainstream scientific community. They were met with interest ranging
        from mistrust to awe, and from feelings ranging from friendship to outright anger. The ranges of these attitudes will likely
        depend upon the emotional stability of the listeners.

        The 26th IECEC created international interest that stimulated further review papers to be published in the later IECECs. A
        growing group of organizations is networking on a world-wide basis to support and organize this on-going research. Some
        of these organizations are listed in the references (AREI, AFS, GRI, IASA, INE, ITS, JPI, SEA, TI, and USP). "New
        Energy News" is the new monthly newsletter of Institute for New Energy (INE), a recently formed US technical society,
        created in April 1993, that is committed to researching these technical areas. Note that the references include complete and
        accurate address and cost information, so that serious investigators have no excuse to not investigate.

        This review includes all of the information that was made available to the 1991 IECEC, the 1992 IECEC, the 1993
        International Symposium on New Energy (ISNE), and other contributed personal source information and documents. Our
        focus here is on actual data and results - not on ideas or mathematical theories. Our emphasis here is on repeatable
        experimental evidence - or on the documented testimony of multiple reliable witnesses that have been willing to stand-up,
        testify, and document a description of what they witnessed. Just because you don't see it doesn't mean that it's not real.

        The list of the researchers, experiments, devices, and results that were addressed in this review are listed in Table 1. The
        reference corresponding to each researcher is also listed. Videotapes were made of all ref. speakers at the 1991 IECEC
        and the 1993 ISNE.

        Possible Misleading Results

        "But goodness alone is never enough. A hard, cold wisdom is required for goodness to accomplish good." [2]

        We feel that the interpretation of anyone's results can fall into one of four categories: (1) Lying for attention; (2) Lying for
        money (funding, stock options, etc.); (3) Inaccurate measurement or misinterpretation of the data or results; and (4)
        Accurate representation of the physical phenomena. In our reviews, we found absolutely no evidence that any one of the
        researchers we studied in Table 1 belonged specifically in categories (1) or (2) (although so far as we know three of these
        researchers have not been able to replicate their initial published results). Frauds are quickly discovered, if encouraged to
        reproduce their results and to provide detailed information. So, we were left to carefully analyze the results from each
        researcher and to carefully draw our own conclusions.

        Table 1.  A Listing of Researchers and their Experiments and/or
                  Devices of Current Interest

        Researcher(s)           Experiments, Devices, and Demonstrations  References

        Adams, Robert           Adams Pulsed Motor Generator              Adams 1993
                                   and Replication
        Baumann, Paul, et. al.  Methernitha Swiss M-L Converter           IECEC 1991
                                Device Demonstrations
        Bedini, John            Bedini Free Energy Generator Plans and    IECEC 1991
        Binder, Timothy         Russell's Nuclear-Magnetic Transmutation  ISNE  1993
        Brown, Paul             Nuclear Resonant Generators and           IECEC 1991
        Coler, Hans             Magnetstromapparat and Stromerzeuger      Coler 1946
                                   Devices / Demos.
        Grotz, Toby             Russell's Power Multiplication Principle  IECEC 1992,
                                   Experiments                            ISNE  1993
        Hathaway, George        Unipolar Dynamo of Novel Construction     IECEC 1991,
                                   Experiments                            ISNE  1993
        Hickox, Barbara         Electric Dynamo Patent                    IECEC 1991
        Johnson, Gary           Electrically Induced Explosions in        IECEC 1992
                                   Water Experiments
        Kelly, Don              Electromagnetic Antigravity Drop Tests    ISNE  1993,
        Lambertson, Wingate     WIN Process                               IECEC 1991
        Marinov, Stefan         Venetin Coliu Generator Demonstrations    ISNE  1993
        McKie, Richard          Power On Demand Module Concept (PODMOD)   IECEC 1991
        Meyer, Stanley          Water Fuel Cell Demonstrations            ISNE  1993
        Moray, John and Kevin   T. Henry Moray's Radiant Energy Device    IECEC 1991
        Muller, William         Muller Motor/Generator                    IECEC 1991
        Newman, Joseph          Magnetic Fields Utilization Energy        Newman 1993
        dePalma, Bruce          N-Machine Experiments                     IECEC 1991
        Pappas, Panos           Energy Creation in Sparks and             IECEC 1991
                                   Discharges Experiments
        Reed, Troy and Evelyn   Reed Magnetic Motor Experiments           IECEC 1991
                                                                          ISNE  1993
        Seike, Shinichi         Negative Energy and Landau Oscillator     Seike 1992
        Storms, Edmund          Established Cold Fusion and Reproducible  IECEC 1993
        Sweet, Floyd            Vacuum Triode Assembly Device             IECEC 1991
        Tewari, Paramahamsa     Space Power Generator Experiments         ISNE  1993
        Valone, Thomas          Homopolar Generator Experiments           IECEC 1991
                                                                          ISNE  1993

        While on one hand some researchers may possibly be overstating the capabilities and results of their experiments and
        devices, on the other hand many so-called 'scientific experts' are very active in discounting all of the research results in these
        areas without investigating the details of any of them. "The Nobel chemist Irving Langmuir (1881-1957) used to give a
        cautionary talk on pathological science, and ... told a number of stories of pathological science and listed the features they
        have in common." (Cromer, Skeptical Inquirer, 1993). In his eight page article, Cromer states that there are many lessons
        from this: "(1) Scientists themselves are often poor judges of the scientific process; (2) Scientific research is very difficult.
        Anything that can go wrong will go wrong; (3) Science isn't dependent on the honesty or wisdom of scientists. (4) Real
        discoveries of phenomena contrary to all previous scientific experience are very rare, while fraud, fakery, foolishness, and
        error resulting from overenthusiasm and delusion are all too common. Thus, Glashow's closed-minded 'I don't believe a
        word of it' is going to be correct far more often than not." Cromer also cites Langmuir as saying (Langmuir 1989): "There
        are cases where there is no dishonesty involved, but where people are tricked into false results by a lack of understanding
        about what human beings can do to themselves in the way of being led astray by subjective effects, wishful thinking, or
        threshold interactions. These are examples of pathological science. These are things that attracted a great deal of attention.
        ... [But] the critics can't reproduce the effects. Only the supporters could do that. In the end, nothing was salvaged. Why
        should there be? There isn't anything there. There never was."

        Our sincere response to you is: If there is no initial interest - then there will be no investigation. If there is no investigation,
        there will be no research to replicate. Your interest will spark the urge to replicate. If there is interest, research, and no
        replication, then that fact should be published and disseminated with integrity. If there are witnesses to the results and the
        results were or are repeatable, then we feel the fault and blame lies with the critic and not with the researcher. Therefore,
        given the experiments and devices referenced in this paper: Demand that they be tested with an open mind! One success
        out of all of the failures is more than worth the effort!

        Devices of Great Interest

        "Grant shook his head. It's been discussed, in the field. Many people imagined it was coming. But not so soon." "Story of
        our species, Malcolm said laughing. Everybody knows it's coming, but not so soon." [3]

        Table 2.  A Listing of Promising Devices of Great Interest with Documented Demonstrations

        Researcher(s)           Effects Observed

        Baumann, Paul et. al.   Over-Unity, Rotating, Self-Sustaining
        Binder, Timothy         Chemical Dependency on E-M
        Coler, Hans             Gravitational Field Generator
        Grotz, Toby             Over-Unity, Rotational Generator
        Kelly, Don              E-M Field Drop Tests & Oscillators
        Marinov, Stefan         Anti-Lenz Effect Motor/Generator
        Meyer, Stanley          Energy from Water, H2 Fracturing
        Moray, John and Kevin   Over-Unity, Self-Sustaining Device
        Storms, Edmund          Over-Unity Thermal, Cold Fusion
        Sweet, Floyd            Over-Unity, Steady-Variable Device
        Tewari, Paramahamsa     Over-Unity Rotational N-Machine

        Researcher(s)           Yrs      Cat   Doc   MWs   RDs   Res   Eff

        Baumann, Paul et. al.   1984+     2     Y     Y     Y     N     N
        Binder, Timothy         1927+     1     Y     Y     Y     Y     N
        Coler, Hans             1942+     1     Y     Y     Y     N     N
        Grotz, Toby             1961+     1     Y     Y     N     Y     N
        Kelly, Don              1992+     1     Y     N     Y     Y     N
        Marinov, Stefan         1988+     1     Y     Y     Y     Y     N
        Meyer, Stanley          1980s     4     Y     Y     Y     Y     N
        Moray, John and Kevin   1930s     1     Y     Y     Y     N     N
        Storms, Edmund          1990s     3     Y     Y     Y     Y     N
        Sweet, Floyd            1990s     1     Y     Y     Y     N     N
        Tewari, Paramahamsa     1993      2     Y     N     Y     Y     N


        Yrs   Years the Effects were observed.
        Cat   Categories 1 through 4, as defined under 'Sources of Information
              and Data.'
        Doc   Documentation Exists (Yes or No) (Y/N).
        MWs   Multiple Witnesses Testimony (Y/N).
        RDs   Repeated Demonstrations (Y/N).
        Res   Currently Being Researched (Y/N).
        Eff   Large Research Effort (Y/N).

        The researchers and the works that we feel are worthy of great attention in the near future are those that are listed in Table
        2. It should be noted that some researchers have been omitted from Table 2 only because either their work is of a
        proprietary or confidential nature, or because we could not obtain the required data or documentation from witnesses. Such
        researchers include: Paul Brown, Bruce dePalma, and the Reeds. All of the researchers listed in Table 1 and not listed in
        Table 2 have provided and we trust will continue to provide important contributions to and documentation of their work. In
        fact, some of this work may be turn out to be more important than those currently listed in Table 2. However, at the present
        moment of time as this paper is being written, we considered those devices listed in Table 2 to be of the greatest interest to

        Summary Information and Data

        The Methernitha Swiss M-L Converter developed by Paul Baumann and the Methernitha spiritual community in
        Switzerland has been repeatedly demonstrated to many scientists upon request (26th IECEC, Nieper 1984, SEA). Its
        three foot counter-rotating disks and specially designed energy storage system are reported to generate a steady output
        power of about 3 to 5 kilo-Watts (kW) indefinitely - while sitting on top of a table. A videotape has been produced and its
        narration has been transcribed.

        Tim Binder and his team have replicated the 1927 experiments of Walter Russell and have created fluorine from pure water
        vapor using complex E-M field arrangements. This work validates Russell's theories about nuclear structure and the proper
        arrangement of the Periodic Table of the Elements.

        Hans Coler demonstrated two major devices to many amazed witnesses and officials in Germany during 1925-1945. A 60
        kW device was built in 1937, and the war bombings ended further research in 1944. A complete 32 page report
        declassified by the British Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee is available. (Coler 1946, Nieper 1984) The theories
        expressed are very similar to those presented in a comprehensive report (GRG 1956) (the latest one we could find so
        far) on electrogravitics systems, interactions of E-M with gravity, or counterbary control devices.

        Toby Grotz and his team are planning to replicate the energy experiments of Walter Russell. In the fall of 1959, General
        Chapman, Colonel Fry, Major Sargent, Major Cripe, and others from NORAD in Colorado Springs, attended a meeting
        at Swannanoa, Virginia (University Of Science And Philosophy) at the invitation of Walter Russell. At this meeting Russell
        explained the workings of a device he proposed to build to take advantage of the vacuum state energy, and the two
        directional movement of energy from gravitation, (generation), to radiation, (degeneration). During the following year
        Russell, his wife, Lao, and their assistants built the device. The prototype that was built consisted of two sets of dual and
        magnetically-sexed coils. On September 10, 1961, Walter and Lao Russell reported to their contacts at NORAD, that the
        coils had worked and that the President of the United States could announce to the world that a "greater, safer power than
        atomic energy" could be provided for industry and transportation.

        Don Kelly is the editor of the Space Energy Newsletter (SEA) and has been conducting and reporting results of E-M to
        gravity drop tests. He finds that energized coil assemblies have a 40% lag in drop time over about five feet. Other related
        research world-wide verifies that spinning masses appear to lose weight at high rotational speeds.

        Stefan Marinov is the editor of Deutsche Physik in Germany and has demonstrated many experiments that confound
        conventional E-M theory. His recent paper describes devices that create anti-Lenz effects, thus increasing the generator's

        Stanley Meyer has obtained over 28 patents in both the US and other countries that document his water fuel cell and
        hydrogen fracturing process technology. He began this work in 1980 and has spent over $1.6 million. Although he has been
        approached to sell the technology, he says he has no intention to do so and plans to retain control to make sure his
        invention is brought to the public for the good of mankind. An informative and recommended videotape of his 1993 ISNE
        presentation is available through the INE.

        John and Kevin Moray are pursuing the technology that was repeatedly demonstrated to the press in the 1930s by T.
        Henry Moray. One device was reported to generate 50 kW for long periods of time by itself.

        Edmund Storms has reviewed much of the work done internationally in the so-called area of 'cold fusion' and has
        documented the results and repeated results of the now world-wide research in this area.

        Floyd Sweet demonstrated his vacuum triode device to at least two expert electronics technicians that have documented
        their observations in sworn affidavits. A videotape was also made during a demonstration. From a nine volt battery starter
        unit, nearly continuous output powers of 500 W to 50 kW have been reported to be observed. Experimentation is still in
        progress to further refine the device and to improve its operational capabilities.

        Paramahamsa Tewari has been doing experiments with a N-Machine and has reported over-unity operation from
        instrument readings. He is currently performing new experiments to feed the output of the device back into the input to
        obtain a 'free-running' condition. Many researchers have performed experiments with these devices, also called,
        homo-polar generators, or unipolar dynamos. They usually consist of a rotating magnetic disk where electrical current is
        passed from the center of the disk to its edge. Small increases in the motor input power result in large increases of output
        power, thus encouraging the idea of an over-unity cross-over point. Regardless of all of the theory and reasons pro and
        con, it will be exciting to see the results of Tewari's forthcoming experiments and videotapes.

        It appears that all serious research and development activities in the energy conversion technologies will continue to be
        closely monitored and guarded by the existing oil, transportation, and economics industries. Serious researchers in these
        new areas (Meyer, Methernitha, Sweet) are not allowing "the establishment" to buy them out. At the same time, there is
        strong evidence of aggressive suppression. The German company Becocraft specializing in the development of "new energy
        devices" was forcibly shut down and its president quickly imprisoned on investment fraud charges in a court case that had
        only one plaintiff: the Utility Company of Cologne! (Marinov 1992). All of the investors of Becocraft fought the case to no
        avail. Closer to home, the US Patent Office has classified over 3,000 patent devices or applications under the secrecy
        order, Title 35, U.S. Code (1952) Sections 181-188. Where did that technology go? These patents would be a great
        place to start for a new company involved with defense conversion technologies for environmental use!


        "Woe to you, you blind leaders of a hoard of blind, who say: 'This should be done and that should not be left undone.' You
        only represent a false teaching and ignore the laws of Creation." [4]

        "It has been said that science is man's futile attempt to understand Nature. While it becomes important to learn, understand,
        and apply science in our everyday lives, it is equally important to continue the pursuit of unraveling the secrets of Nature."
        (ISNE 1993, from Forward 1).

        If ignorance was a good enough reason to not try, the light bulb would have never been invented and the Earth would still
        be flat. Let us be judged by our work and repeatable results, and not by hasty words. If some of these works turn out to be
        not valid: So Be It; Let it Be Known; and Let's Move Forward with Integrity! We are all desperately looking for the next
        big breakthrough in modern physics to assist us in solving the escalating energy and environment crises! Do something to
        promote and encourage the continuation of these researchers and these works! If you don't do it, who will? If not now,

        References [5]

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           IANS supports the INE.
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        "New Energy News", PO Box 58639, Salt Lake City, UT 84158-8639:  monthly
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        The authors gratefully acknowledge these and many other researchers, scientists, and skeptics that have contributed serious
        open research and documentation to boldly advance science and technology for the benefit of the human race.


        1.  Poltergeist, Screenplay to the MGM/UA film production and VHS videotape,
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        5.  Complete addresses and total prices are given.

        Posted here with the permission of the authors and the 28th IECEC.

      • eric krieg
        A good page on a kooky free energy idea using mag tape http://users.groovy.gr/~pps/pps.htm The following are a number of writings from others:
        Message 3 of 4 , Oct 6, 2001
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          A good page on a kooky free energy idea using mag tape

          The following are a number of writings from others:

          Nick Nelson claims to have found a way to "see" which way to align a magnet
          to make a free-running motor.

          Here is some data RE that:


          He will be at the INE Conf. in SLC Oct. 25-26.


          The Institute for New Energy Web Site has been updated at:


          NOTE: The INE/EEMF 2001 Conference is Friday and Saturday,
          October 26-27, 2001 in Salt Lake City!
          SEE: http://www.padrak.com/ine/INECONF01/html
          For all of the details and the Draft Conference Program!

          Most New Data Files are at: http://www.padrak.com/ine/index.shtml#INE_RECENT

          All new revisions are in this file: http://www.padrak.com/ine/REVISIONS.html

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          Oct. 3, 2001 Added:
          New pages for all file links in these files:
          Subjects and Authors
          People and Organizations
          Revisions (this file).
          Advanced Energy Research vs. UFOs & Antigravity:
          Friends of Foes? - Paper from NEN Sept. 2001.
          All JNE Files.
          JNE Ordering Info.
          JNE Author Instructions
          INE Members Info.
          NEN Authors Info.
          Site Counter = 741,979 (Working again. Weird.)

          Oct. 2, 2001 Added:
          New pages for all file links on the main page
          (target="_blank" in all the HTML file links).
          Journal of New Energy, Vol. 5, No.s 1-4 (4 files)
          INE Conf. 2001 Announcement
          Deleted link to "Common Law" (outdated) on the main page.
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          Oct. 1, 2001 Updated:
          INE Conf. 2001 Announcement
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          Sep. 27, 2001 Migration of all website files by Verio to new IP/name/etc.
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          Required many changes on my files.
          New email procedures for me.
          Increased disk space by a factor of 4! Now 100 mBytes!

          Future Horizons
          Advanced Technology
          Newsletter October 4th, 2001

          Our new item of the month is:

          Ion Propulsion Motor Plans-
          Step by step plans show you how to build several different types
          of ion propulsion motors. The motors will spin by ion propulsion
          alone and have served as a test bed for much of our research
          into ion propulsion antigravity systems. Plans contain photos
          and diagrams for construction. It is easy to build and contains
          a parts list to help you find all the necessary parts. We also
          have fully assembled ion motors available on our website. To
          power the ion motor you will need a high voltage power supply
          of at least 20 kvdc. We also sell these as plans(item# HIDC)
          and fully assembled(item# HIDZ).
          #IOPM info-$20.00

          Place an order by October 12th and recieve the above plans
          for FREE!!! Yes FREE!

          We have also updated the Hoverboard section of our website
          with a few new photos.

          Please check out our website for more info on these and other
          amazing items.



          Message: 1
          Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2001 08:28:55 -0000
          From: popenergy@...
          Subject: ||||||| The Free Energy Club (of the DC / VA / MD Area) |||||||

          Free Energy Explorers:

          Live in the Maryland/Baltimore/Washington DC area? Do you notice you
          are suddenly alone when you speak aloud about the latest free energy
          development? Frustrating yourself building small free energy projects
          only to end up mumbling questions in the dark? Wishing you could
          borrow the tools and knowledge of a fellow explorer? Then look here...

          THE FREE ENERGY CLUB (DC/VA/MD Area Chapter)!!!

          Check out the perks!

          * Exchanging ideas with fellow energy explorers
          * Sharing tools, equipment and experience to help build, test, and
          tweak those projects
          * Increased resources in the form of tools, knowledge, labor,
          contributed by group
          * Group projects
          * Satisfy that hunger, free energy and potluck meals!

          If you are interested in Free Energy Club,
          e-mail: popenergy@...

          The following is a quote from Eugene Mallove about a quote of mine:

          This is a worthless, ignorant opinion by a "True Believer Skeptic" who
          does not understand science 101. He has not consulted the published
          scientific literature, particularly in the cold fusion field, or tested
          actual devices to form this opinion. As the progress of true science and
          the history of cold fusion and new energy science has shown and clearly
          will show in technological development, Mr. Krieg is an ignoramus and a

          Dr. Eugene F. Mallove, Editor-in-Chief
          Infinite Energy Magazine
          Cold Fusion Technology, Inc.
          PO Box 2816
          Concord, NH 03302

          Considering the source, I take that as a great compliment.

          Eric Krieg
        • eric
          Boyd Cantrells writings along the lines of violating the 2nd law of thermodynamics: http://members.tripod.co.uk/BoydCantrell/index.html A good story on Michael
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            Boyd Cantrells writings along the lines of violating the 2nd law of thermodynamics:
            A good story on Michael J. Marshall's FE scam with a company QSFG
            Paul Pantone got a Federal restraining order against Lee, but Lee says that
            he was not properly served papers so it is invalid.
            The paper "Electrifying News" had a number of credulous puff peices
            promoting FE people.  They have ignored my offers to write a skeptical
            artticle on the subject.   The exciting hype sells, not truth.
             Jack Carey (who types in all caps) seems far more interested
            in just ticking people off than in showing a real demonstration. 
            Here's some wacked energy stuff so kooky, it's funny:
            The Pharaoh's Pump Foundation --NEWSLETTER--
            This free electronic newsletter is published by the
                         Pharaoh's Pump Foundation, Inc.,
            a 501 (c) 3 non-profit educational/research organization.
            At the Pharaoh's Pump Foundation research facility we have
            conducted experimentation that shows the hydraulic designs
            features of many of the Great Pyramid.  We have built a scale
            model of the Subterranean Chamber and lower cuttings.  We have
            DEMENSTRATED the following:

            **The design of the Subterranean chamber is to create a vortex
               in the "pit" in the floor of this chamber.
            **The lesser Subterranean chamber's purpose is to cause water
               to move in a whirlpool.  We have observed this fascinating
               process in our experimentation.

            These features are NOT the result of a "Change of Plans" but are
            functional features of the hydraulic purpose of the Great Pyramid.
            These demonstrations indicate the Great Pyramid was built as
            planed and the design of this structure is to pump water.

                        $50,000 RESEARCH SCHOLARSHIP
            Pharaoh's Pump Foundation is offing a Research Scholarship. 
            This scholarship is in the amount of $50,000 and the
            requirements are to simply quarry, move and set in
            place 5 casing stones of the size and precision of the
            originals.  This must be done in the manner described by
            traditional Egyptologists.  More information on this is at:

                                  UPDATED WEB SITE
            Our web site has been completely updated and includes a
            series of articles briefly describing how water was used to
            build the Great Pyramid.  These articles include many new images
            to help in understand the unusual building techniques used to
            assemble the Great Pyramid. These articles also show the operation
            of the Great Pyramid as water pump. These articles are at:

            The Pharaoh's Pump Foundation, Inc. is a 501c(3) non-profit
            corporation. Contributions are welcome! Contact: admin@...

            To subscribe: Email your name and the word subscribe in the
            subject to subscribe@...

            To unsubscribe: Email your name and the word unsubscribe in the
            subject to: unsubscribe@...  You can also unsubscribe
            by replying to this newsletter with unsubscribe in the subject line.

            For problems with your subscription or comments: Send an
            email to editor@... and we'll take care of it. 

            If you enjoy reading the Pharaoh's Pump Foundation
            Newsletter, please tell a friend or colleague about it. 
            FORWARD THIS NEWSLETTER to anyone you fell would
            be interestedin our research. Anyone can sign up for a free
            subscription on our Web site at http://www.thepump.org
            If your company wishes to become a sponsor our next newsletter
            please contact Steven Myers at admin@... to learn more.
            All contents are the (c)Copyright 2001 of the Pharaoh's Pump Foundation.
            Permission is given to distribute this material in it's entirety.
            Pharaoh's Pump Foundation
            The following is on Newman:

            For those who believe Joe Newman has invented a free energy machine, let
            me give you the conclusion I came to after spending hundreds of hours
            experimenting with his ideas and studying his books. I was once very
            impressed after hearing about the motors Joe Newman claimed he had been
            building. Joe claimed his motors were able to produce more energy output
            than input. Most of the people I knew trained in physics laughed at me
            for believing that such a motor could be built, but having an open mind,
            and little previous knowledge on the subject of electric motors, I was
            determined to see if I could build a motor as Joe described. After
            reading his book over and over, and watching some of Joes video tapes, I
            could see Joes basic idea for building better electric motors was quite
            simple. One point Joe use to emphasize was that in his opinion, motor
            manufacturers have been misled into believing the electro magnetic
            fields from a coil of wire came from the amount of current passing
            through the coil, and that the wire it self had nothing to do with the
            strength of the field produced. and as a result, Joe claimed they have
            been building motors improperly with a minimal amount of wire, and much
            potential energy gets wasted because of this, Joes belief is that the
            magnetic fields produced in a coil of wire can be made much more
            efficient by increasing the amount of wire used in his stator coils,
            Ideally, Joe says the stator coil should have many miles of wire in them
            so as to create the maximum amount of atom alignment with in the coil
            when electricity is applied, and for the least amount of input current.
            In one of Joes video he does a demonstration which shows the difference
            in magnetic field strengths between a small coil and a large one to
            prove his point, and it is clearly evident there is some truth to what
            he says, but if you lack a firm understanding regarding the use of
            electro magnetism in motors, you will not realize there is a catch which
            he does not mention. I'm referring to the problems you encounter when
            you try and make use of this larger magnetic field in a motor. It is
            called counter electromotive force, or EMF for short. I never understood
            what that term meant until I built my first scaled down model of Joes
            motor. What I discovered was that Joe was correct about more wire in a
            stator coil being an advantage over a small amount of wire, but only to
            a point, what Joe did not mention was the fact that as you increase the
            size of your coil, there comes a point where the addition of extra wire
            does not help produce greater power, not only because of the extra
            resistance from the wire, or the fact that as your coil becomes larger
            your wire becomes further away from the rotating magnetic armature, but
            because of an internal counter force which develops in a coil as the
            armature turns, and it works against your armature turning beyond a
            limited speed. I did not understand why it was when I added additional
            wire to my coil my motor kept turning slower. This went against
            everything Joe had taught in his video tape, and I was at a loss to
            understand what was happening. A gentleman with a good understanding in
            motor design explained this problem to me, He said this counter force I
            observed is a characteristic of any motor, and especially one with a
            large coil like mine. and this counter force would prevent me from ever
            building a motor which was able to produce more energy output than
            input, he told me because my motor was working much like a generator, as
            soon as the generated voltage reached the same level as my power supply
            voltage, this counter force would all ways keep me from seeing more
            energy output than input. This is called Lenz Law, a well known
            principle to motor builders, but I was still convinced Joe had
            something, so I built a special commutator which was shown in Joes book.
            It was a tough one to build on account of the fact that it was built in
            a way which could reverse the current to my coil every 180 degrees of
            rotation, and it also had to be made with special contact segments which
            when rotating would send short pulses of voltage from my batteries to my
            coil as the commutator turned, and in between each input pulse to my
            coil, one more segment was needed to short out my coil. Everything was
            made to very tight tolerances, but I still had no luck when it came to
            getting more energy out of my motor than I put in to it, and the short
            segment of my commutator made the motor run even slower. What really
            surprised me was when I attached a few more very strong rare earth
            magnets to my armature expecting it to turn much faster, and it slowed
            down again. I knew It was not from the additional weight of my magnets
            since they did not amount to much. Once again I was up against the
            counter EMF problem. I became discouraged, and put everything aside
            while pondering where I might have gone wrong. Then I happen to find out
            about a mail list on the internet with many other Newman experimenters I
            could join in conversations with, and among the list members were some
            people who had pretty close contact with Joe, One gentleman I was able
            to speak with, Evan R Soule',Jr The editor of Joes book, and the man I
            would consider Joes chief PR man would often debate with us about Joe
            credibility, or the test results on his motor. I spent about a year on
            the list chairing information with others in hope of having better
            success with my experimental  motor, and over time I kept seeing some
            pretty nasty arguments between MR Soul and other list members who
            started to feel Joe was con man. At first I thought the people who
            attacked Joe were pretty close minded, and Just brain washed by
            conventional electronic theory. but as I grew in my understanding of
            electronics and electromagnetism, I realized there was some merit to
            what others were saying, and I found much of what Joe taught did not
            make sense. I noticed many of his test results on the internet list
            seemed to emit important data one could use to judge if his motor did
            indeed put out more energy than it used. At first I assumed the missing
            data on Joes motor was just a mistake, and when I ask Evan why Joe left
            out such vital data, I got some pretty strange answer about Joe not
            being able to disclose proprietary contractual information, this made no
            sense to me because the information I was asking for would not have
            disclosed private data about Joes construction details, I just wanted
            him to clarify what Joe had all ready stated. To me it just appeared
            that Evan was covering for Joe, and coming up with a pretty poor excuse
            not to answer my simple question. At times when Joe did include all his
            motors performance data, his math was off. So no one really knew what to
            think about Joes test results. This started to anger many of the list
            members. Some of the other tests Joe conducted to prove his motors
            efficiency were quite strange and abstract. It seemed as if he would run
            every kind of test except the simple and obvious method for showing his
            motors true efficiency, and some times he would say things that made
            very little sense to any one. I have seen several occasions where some
            one made a suggestion about some of Joes theory being incorrect, and Joe
            would go into a revenge mode calling them stupid liars, or accusing them
            of being tied in with the "power brokers of the world", and trying to
            undermine him. Often the debates would wind up in some pretty bad
            language when some stated that Joe was wrong about something, and this
            would give Evan grounds to kick them off the list if they did not leave
            of their own free will. Joe also claimed to have a great many enemies. I
            started to feel very perplexed about all I saw, because here was this
            man who at one time was a star guest on the Johnny Carson show on
            account of his controversial motor, and he had several engineers backing
            his work, but I don't know where they all are now. Some of them Joe now
            considers as enemies who have stolen his ideas. in fact, Joe has a large
            list of people he said have stolen his ideas. but I have yet to see any
            free energy motors on the market for sale, including anything made by
            Joe. as I continued to read many unfavorable opinions about Joe, one in
            particular really brought questions to my mind about what Joe was
            claiming. A gentleman named Norm Biss who was a professional motor
            builder was hired to help Joe build his latest motor design, according
            to Norm, Joe had some pretty mixed up ideas as to how a motor should be
            built, and Norm said Joe had stolen a key to the door of his company so
            he could steal the motor one day before the company planed to test the
            finshed product, Norm said Joe was afraid to let any one test his motor,
            but Joe claimed that Norm had not built the motor correctly, and after
            he rebuilt it, he brought it to be exhibited in public, and told
            everyone he would have proof that his motors worked as he claimed. Many
            who did attend this show left in an outrage because Joe did not have the
            motor runing. and those who stayed an extra two days did get to see the
            motor finally run, but their was no equipment attached to the motor that
            would give a quantitative analysis of the motors performance. Joe was
            said to have boasted about all the torque available at the motors output
            shaft, and that no one could stop it with their bare hands, but for
            those who were a bit more scientificly minded, trying to stop a motors
            shaft from turning was not the proof they had traveled many miles to
            Does Joes motor produce free energy?
            I use to think so after seeing one of Joes videos which showed dry cell
            batteries showing a greater charge after being used in Joes motor, and I
            still wonder how this was possible, but when it became obvious Joe was
            unwilling to do a reasonably simple test in public, and seeing he was
            holding back important details in his test results, I could see
            something was very wrong with the whole story. A very simple test Joe
            could have conducted if he really wanted to prove his motor put out more
            energy than it used would have been to attach a generator to the output
            shaft on his motor, and this could have pumped enough power back into
            his motor to keep it runing with out the use of any batteries. But Joe
            only does very abstract tests which few can follow the results of. I
            have never seen him do a simple easy to follow test which would be hard
            to rig, and I doubt I ever will.
            Dave Maltz

            Dave's Alternative Energy.

            Amazing 3700 hour white LED flashlights!

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