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  • Lynn Kasdorf
    Aug 14, 2014
      What is truly scary is that somebody who labors under this level of delusion is not locked up somewhere and is allowed to vote, drive, and own firearms.


      On 8/14/2014 2:14 PM, that_prophet@... [free_energy] wrote:

      Is 2020 when the door for Tribulation closes?

      Please pray that the Lord will show me the best way

      -         to get this out to the world NOW


      Because we are told this generation shall not pass

      + we are also told that we will know when it is near, even at the door

      We were not only allowed to know this door

      But I heard this was written as a command in the original Greek of Mat 24:33



      And we can calculate this door by taking 6-day war as the start

      Then add 51.6 = calculated from 14+14+14 generation of Mathew 1:17

      (this was then duration used to accurately predict the rebirth of Israel)

      + this prophecy was what He used to help me become Born Again + -

      We need to stop breaking the third Commandment

      taking the Lord's Name in vain =(I AM)


      We should also boycott all those products

      which use the "I am" in commercials

      How can we be out done by evil forces,

      the bad guys know the value of His Name,,,

      + are using it in advertising

      why don’t we Christian’s use it with respect


      EVil-sOLUTION has been found out for the Humanist religion that it is.

      Their beliefs are that all life was just a matter of chance,

      They even go as far as saying that life was inevitable,,,

      Which led to societies “SUTVIVAL OF THE FITTEST” mentality.



      Reality, on the other hand, is the complete opposite

      We all know that everything is made of invisible atoms

      All matter is Superiorly Intelligently Created,

      These innumerable, extremely complex, atomic building blocks.  


      Coming Soon = REALITY CHECK 


      http://free-energy.yolasite.com/this is a Gift from our Father in Heaven

      this works, please build itit is so simple to buildwe can change the world.

      Please take Jesus into your heart and become Born Again NOW (the generation that shall not pass, will pass before 2020)

      If you would like to know where this one_christian_warrior is coming from Please view beliefs to live byIf you would like to know where I wish to take this  Please view http://fire-starter.yolasite.com/


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