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  • Kirk McLoren
    Jul 16, 2014
      if you fasten 2 windings together  and one goes positive whilst the other goes negative the only output is the difference - ie one is 1 volt and the other is .9 volt the output is .1 volt
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      Thanks Kirk,
                          It's what I thought, anyway.     Just one thing though ----------- what do you mean by "buck"?
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      induced voltage is proportional to flux cut and rate of flux cut. If windings buck each other then output is minimal.

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      If a coil is made, by winding insulated copper wire, around a cardboard(?) former, and is then 'flattened out', so that the formers' insides', touch each
      other, so a magnet cannot pass through it, and if one (1) end of a magnet (N?) passed closely by (outside), one (1) side of this flattened coil, would
      electricity still be generated --------------- even if only one (1) pole is used?

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