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  • scottw76051
    Jul 11, 2014
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      Many people say the same thing about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

      Nobody says that you don't have the right to do anything. You can wear a tinfoil hat and dream of getting rich by playing with magnets, building overbalanced wheels, tying generators to the wheels of your car, or plugging one end of an extension cord into the other end...

      And everyone else has the right to say that you're wrong.

      Pamela said:

      "...I believe, a person, has the right, to believe,
      whatever they want to, with regard to perpetual motion.     If they disagree, that's entirely up to them.   But to know, for a CERTAINTY --------
      they would have to travel to the 'end of time' -------- highly unlikely, don't you think?"

      ---In free_energy@yahoogroups.com, <pamela.neil@...> wrote :

             Whilst I agree with almost everything you have said to me in your 'post', there are 1 or 2 things, that I DISagree with.      First, about using
      magnets for OU.    You stated,  (and have assumed), that using magnets, MUST, somehow, use Metal, in its design ----------------- how about a
      magnet being repelled by another magnet?      Another thing;   Werner Von Braun, had the opportunity, NOT to become a Nazi, he remained a
      Nazi, up until Germany lost the War -------------- with or without the help of Americans, and others!    I believe, a person, has the right, to believe,
      whatever they want to, with regard to perpetual motion.     If they disagree, that's entirely up to them.   But to know, for a CERTAINTY --------
      they would have to travel to the 'end of time' -------- highly unlikely, don't you think?
      From: "Eric Krieg erickrieg@... [free_energy]" <free_energy-noreply@yahoogroups.com>
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      Sent: Thursday, 10 July 2014, 13:10
      Subject: Re: [free_energy] Drinking bird

         The drinking bird appears FE, but is actually a great chance to learn real physics.  It only works in dry air and it ultimately creates more entropy as the supply of liquid state water turns in vapor spread out in the air.  It also uses capillary action (something at the heart of many non-working PM designs) - people often over look that it takes more energy to get the water out of a capillary tube than you can get while the water goes in.  In the same way, generations of people working on the thousands of OU magnet based designs seem to perpetually ignore that it takes a little more energy to break metal out of the grasp of a magnetic field than you could harvest when the object was getting sucked into the magnetic field.  Every non working OU design is actually an interesting backdrop against the real physic s (that runs space ships, cell phones, cars and all real technology) can better be taught to future students.  By the same token, medical science can be far more interesting when taught using case studies of crack pot medicine. 
         Bill, Werner Von Braun unfortunately was funded by an evil regime in his quest to advance rocket technology (using real science) and to ultimate contribute to human beings being able to travel in space.  (by the way, many crackpots believe the nazi's had flying saucers and anti gravity) Thank goodness that nazi's looked down on "jew science" America better used real science and engineering to simultaneously save the world of the brutal nazi's and imperilistic japanese plans to enslave the world.   It is good that we agree that just a single example of real proof of something that runs counter to presently established science would only be needed to convince science to incorporate something it must have miss ed.  That is part of what I love about science, it includes a method of exploring to be able to change its self when proper proof comes along.   If what people like me presently consider "crack pot" ever shows its self not to be, the world of science would have to study it and would inevitably assimilate it for the betterment of mankind.  In the mean time, more lame bitter crack pots claim the proof is all out there, but that evil powerful conspiratorial forces some how snuff out all proof.
         To those who mock the lone tinkerers trying to save the world with OU, my response is, "better time spent making things than watching TV, let's encourage them to join the ranks of real engineers and not morph into the many FE con men who scam investors.

        by the way, I was thinking of writing an article on Troy Reed's FE and OU claims, anyone have any good info for me?

      best wi shes,
      Eric Krieg erickrieg@...

      Wed Jul 9, 2014 8:49 pm (PDT) . Posted by:

      "PAMELA NEIL" pamela8733

      Dear Sir,            What you say, may well be right!   But I'd like to bring to your attention, the simple fact that, scientists/physicists CONTINUOUSLY move the 'goal posts' , to fit their latest theories (Ideas).    You also asked, 'who put man on the Moon' ---------- well, let me remind you;   it was with the aid of;    WERNER VON BRAUN, a Nazi who tried to kill me, and others, during WW2. V2?   Please don't think that us non-scientists, are complete fools!   I must admit though, some of these members, do have some crazy Ideas.                 I have a saying, that I'd like to repeat here: YOU CAN BE WRONG COUNTLESS TIMES, BUT YOU ONLY HAVE TO BE RIGHT ONCE! Good luck, BILL. ________________________________ From: "MPGPlus@... [free_energy]"  embers 1
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