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37802The amazing "Drinking Bird"

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    Jul 9, 2014
      The "Bird" simply operates on the principle of latent heat (energy) produced by the vaporization of water - the same energy that aids the creation of hurricanes when high winds cause the vaporization of sea water.
      As a physicist, I agree that "Overunity" may be possible but, so far, NOBODY has been able to demonstrate (prove) a working model.
      Basically, any so called "Overunity" device can be easily proven to be a fraud by careful analysis using established physical principles.  Those who look upon physicists as close-minded are basically uneducated, or closed-minded themselves.  Whom do them think, other than scientists and engineers, put men on the moon decades ago.  Or do they think, as many do, that the whole thing was a Hollywood production?
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