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37800Re: What is "Overyunity" ?

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  • scottw76051
    Jul 8, 2014
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      A drinking bird is by no means an example of "overunity". The bird relies on external sources that require energy ( obtaining a glass, filling up the glass with water, placing the glass near the bird, refilling it when it evaporates, etc.). In fact, the energy required to make the bird work compared to the infinitesimal amount of energy produced by the bird, makes this a very wasteful and inefficient machine. Hardly overunity.

      Your reference to brushless motors for charging a battery (while you admit is not overunity), is even more wasteful. Why can't you people understand that no device is free?  Yes, a brushless generator has less friction than a typical generator, but it will NEVER deliver more energy than it takes to run it. Your comment about "the car has to push the wheel anyway" shows your lack of understanding. Yes, the car has to push the wheel, and if you attach a generator to it, it will have to push the wheel harder, draining energy, energy that is greater than  the generator produces....

      Now, you can use a motor/generator to aid in BRAKING; in other words, use the load of the generator to help slow the vehicle, and recharge the battery. Of course that isn't overunity either, but there are some efficiencies to be had from such an arrangement.

      Guess what, it's been DONE FOR YEARS...

      All in all, I find your post thoughtful, but still with the same misconceptions that plague so many  "believers".


      jhewitt said:

      "Overunity" has NOTHING to do with creating free energy from nothing !!!

      True "Overunity" is about the ability to create a system so efficient that it can not only be "Self Sustaining", but produce an excess amount to be utilized by other loads. Is this confusing?, let me explain, a small bird toy filled with isopropyl that stands up, but over time begins to lean over, puts it's beak in a glass of water, then rises again and starts the process over again...does it create free energy from nothingness? No, the heating and cooling of the liquid inside alters the balance of the toy, the energy is the free heat, that causes the device to effectively move and creates the energy of motion...the heat is converted to kinetic energy, then repeated, a possible excess, though negligible could be, as the bird's tail to push on something else as it's head lowers to cool the liquid in the water, two forms of "Overunity".
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