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37797RE: [free_energy] What is "Overyunity" ?

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  • murilo luciano filho
    Jul 6, 2014
      Dear BILL,
      I'm talking upon 'persistent motors'... not upon those legendary 'perpetual devices'!

      Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2014 22:47:20 +0100
      From: pamela.neil@...
      Subject: Re: [free_energy] What is "Overyunity" ?
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      I both agree, 'and' disagree with you Murilo.    A gravity wheel, CAN produce energy ------- from gravity.      But please remember, a gravity
      wheel is nothing but a perpetual motion machine, that can only operate, within a gravity field.         A perpetual motion machine, can operate
      'within', or outside (space)?,  of a gravity field.     Just because a perpetual motion machine doesn't yet exist, doesn't mean it 'never' will.
      From: "murilo luciano filho avalanchedrive@... [free_energy]" <free_energy-noreply@yahoogroups.com>
      To: jhewitt3476@...; free_energy@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Friday, 4 July 2014, 15:24
      Subject: RE: [free_energy] What is "Overyunity" ?
      ENERGY FROM NOTHING? NO... EVEN IF 'NOTHING' WERE POSSIBLE!  B] FROM A STUFF CALLED GRAVITY? YES... ABSOLUTELY! http://avalanchedrive.com This is an invitation to you and 'other scientists'!  B) Best! M#i#
      From: free_energy-noreply@yahoogroups.com To: free_energy@yahoogroups.com Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2014 08:56:47 -0700 Subject: [free_energy] What is "Overyunity" ?Being a scientist and an inventor, one thing I REALLY hate about most all other scientists is the fact they try sooo hard to use the established "Laws" as an excuse to dissuade believers like me & convince all others that those like me are scammers & nutballs. usually quoting the part of the 'Law of Conservation of Energy' "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only changed from one form to another." So I'm going to clarify "Overunity" for those that don't realize what it REALLY is and kill the myths about it... "Overunity" has NOTHING to do with creating free energy from nothing !!! True "Overunity" is about the ability to create a system so efficient that it can not only be "Self Sustaining", but produce an excess amount to be utilized by other loads. Is this confusing?, let me explain, a small bird toy filled with isopropyl that stands up, but over time begins to lean over, puts it' s beak in a glass of water, then rises again and starts the process over again...does it create free energy from nothingness? No, the heating and cooling of the liquid inside alters the balance of the toy, the energy is the free heat, that causes the device to effectively move and creates the energy of motion...the heat is converted to kinetic energy, then repeated, a possible excess, though negligible could be, as the bird's tail to push on something else as it's head lowers to cool the liquid in the water, two forms of "Overunity". Now, the "Overunity" that people seek these days involve large amounts of sustainable energy that can, continuously charge their cell phone, run their electric car or even their houses, now you think back to the toy and say "Yah, WHATEVER", but all the toy was doing was utilizing potential & stored energy in conjunction with ambient energies. "Overunity" is about efficiency and extraction, an electric ca r runs off of batteries, but what if you converted one of the rims into a brushless generator, the car has to push that wheel anyway, being brushless means no added friction, so that's a source of free energy right there, will it initiate "Overunity", no, will it have an effect on charging the battery, yes, or if directly introduced into the motor, more so, making the battery last longer, why not make all four wheels, very much of a difference, make the magnets more powerful, N62's perhaps would have an even greater effect, would it become self sufficient, just maybe, point being is, the added energy did NOT magically appear, the kinetic energy created by the movement of the wheels combined with the stored energy of the magnets created free movement of electrons that were introduced BACK into the system, creating super effieciency, even if it did not qualify as "Overunity", a system of super efficiency was created none the less. That is the premise, using e nergy so efficiently you can extract more energy from other sources than what is needed to extract that other source, creating an excess that can be used for something else... That is the definition of "Overunity" There are so many great ideas out there already, devices that reclaim the ambient energy from power lines, cell phone towers, tv stations ect., they're not perfect, but it always starts small, Nikola Tesla really was a genius in every way and as long as people see some progression, there will always be those that strive for the perfect free and clean energy sources. There are unfortunately, as with anything that looks promising, there are always the scam artists lurking in the shadows, whether they do it for financial gain or just bragging rights, which is the big hindrance to the "Overunity" project & community, regular people are afraid & the scientific community uses them as examples to propagate the misunderstanding about " Overunity" and the fear that surrounds it. Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter.com can be a great way to attempt to gain some funding, I have looked, people have given thousands upon thousands of dollars to terrible ideas involving anything & everything, but for some reason (gee, wonder why) free energy projects seem to have a huge problem getting ANY support, and that is because of all the myths, misunderstanding & propaganda surrounding this noble cause. Oh, then there's the conspiracy theorists, those that propagate the reason/s why it will NEVER come to pass, I can't say whether any of them are true or exaggerated, the false ones are usually obvious though, but things like... "The governments/oil/power companies purchase the devices then mothball them." "The governments/oil/power companies threaten to do *whatever*, if you don't cease and desist." "The governments/oil/power companies have had people killed f or not stopping." have created further problems, as "Overunity" devices/products could have a very huge effect on such interested parties, it is feasible to think that there could be some or even a lot of resistence from those parties, and it is that feasibility that further propagates the fear from normal people getting involved with such a thing as "Overunity" projects, so getting any funding for research and parts/equipment is almost impossible, again, further hindering our cause. Any comments?
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