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  • Christopher Strevens
    Feb 2, 2014
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      I think we have just had a murder here. Another inmate has been unpleasant to me with harrasment and a person is no longer here. I was allowed home leave today and took my pc home after my electric razor went missing and my room turned out.

      At home today I drilled out the tube and wires jammed in their holes by superglue and altered the transormer so the resonance circuit is fed with 160 volt ac instead of 80 volt, this should increase the circulating current in the tank circuit to 100mA and so give a plasma current of 2000A. 

      The unit is disasembled and so I started rewinding the outer coil. I put 2Kg of wire on the former ensuring that the initial turn is passed through a hole in the former near the centre. When the wire on the 2Kg bobbin ran out I had just over 1000 T on the outer coil. I am expecting another 2Kg of winding wire to come on Tuesday and this has to be connected to the end of the first with a twist and solder. Although it is solderable enamel my iron is not big enough and needs a new tip. I can afford these if I do not buy more wire this week. I only have £70 to spend tomorrow and the 2Kg of wire costs £47 and I have to buy some food for dinner each day. I have plenty of frozen fish and dried mashed potato and the hospital feed me when I am there. I need to buy one more 2Kg reel and a 1 Kg reel.

      I hope to be granted more leave tomorrow as it is ward round day. The consultant may not see me however as he relied on reports from staff. I think the next stage is 24 hour leave so I stay overnight in my home that has been empty since 20th November 2013 and the vultures are circling. After that I get transferred to the home treatment team and supply my own food and kitchen materials. Much of my clothing was stolen in France and they sent me an 80000 Euro medical bill. I have no money and insufficint income to pay. I think my nationwide account has holiday insurance and when I bought my ferry ticket I may have taken out the one day travel insurance but I cannot be sure. The hospital here has the unused return ticket.