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  • Hermas Suva
    Jan 24, 2014
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      Only If I opt for a patent from US Govt. US Laws are only in US. What If I go for PCT ?
      What If I sell it directly (full rights) to another country and receive a one time fee? US will end up paying a lot to the country I sell.

      Best part is that I approached  DAPRA once and I got a valid reply that Neither he not US Govt. is interested 
      in supporting any project that claims FE. That is a Valid letter I have on Hand that will let me off the hook.
      It is US Govt. problem and not my problem. You go and shoot yourself. I just don't care.

      Any way, if necessary, I will not hesitate to give up US Citizenship. It doesn't give me any benefit anyway.

      US and UK economy is very much centered around energy. They contribute to about 60 % of their GDP in 
      exploring, refining, cleaning and selling. Most of the asset close to 50 trillions are centered around energy industry.
      Coal, Oil, Gas, transportation etc etc. All rich guys have at least one big asset in energy industry. 

      Crash of the $ and Pound is coming. Few trillion $ stock will evaporate overnight. Stock market will crash. 
      It all depends on one page document I need to let it out and give a demo. I just don't care about the consequences 
      that others are going to face. They are not running their business consulting me. I don't have any obligation either 
      to honor any request.

      I will shoot single arrow to crumble this empire. not just that, That will break the chain binding the people and let them loose and enjoy 
      pollution free, Free Energy. It is not just for them, It is going to be for all future generations too - For those children that are yet to 
      be born will be guaranteed energy security at their birth. They will come to this world with a Golden spoon called energy security.

      Apocalypse  - Revelation of great secret is here. I am the central figure chosen for this Apocalypse.
      The question is when and Where should I start ?  Do people deserve this ?

      For now it is on hold. 

      On Saturday, January 25, 2014 12:24 AM, Alius Sage <sagealius@...> wrote:
      A true FE technique would by Federal Law be classified and be subject to a secrecy order per U.S. Patent Law. Failure to comply with said order brings to mind the phrase "BY ANY MEANS NECCESSARY" as quoted from the Federal Code. You may search this phrase out yourself under the search category Secrecy Order under US Patent Law.

      On Monday, December 23, 2013 12:44 PM, "scottw76051@..." <scottw76051@...> wrote:
      Pamela: How dare you tell another member to "keep their opinions to themselves", you arrogant woman.

      This is a Yahoo group, where opinions are not only appropriate, but encouraged. Do you think you're the only person who gets to express their opinion on this group? HARDLY! If that were the case, we'd ALL be a whole lot dumber thanks to you!

      Oh, and Pamela, don't quit your day job....

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