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  • Christopher Strevens
    Jan 27, 2014
      I have ordered a bobbin of winding wire to put more turns on the outer winding and a tiny sample of uranium ore to test my neutron detector.

      I think wrapping the sample in aluminium foil would be a sensible precaution as this will block alpha and beta rays and the neutrons would pass through as will gamma photons. I can test for these with my geiger counter. 

      I do not know of the neutron detector I built is sensitive to gamma emenations but it might be. 

      My neutron detector is a slab of clear acrylic plastic with a phototransistor embedded. It needs a mast head 

      I am still detained but I am told that I will soon be going home. That probably means not today. If I am allowed home it will probably be on extended section 17 leave as the section ends in nearly 6 months time. 

      There is someone to receive these mail order components to store until they let me go. But things are out of my hands at present and so "they" may scrap my whole project. I am well within budget as the wire was 47 and the sample 10. I just hope this low level sample makes it through customs. Low level geological samples are allowed and I have done training in their safe handling. I need tongs...  basically I was told to wash my hands after handling. The dangerous emination is probably alpha so wrapping in aluminium foil would make that safe and prevent contamination.

      Hopefully the sample will be supplied in a safe packing.

      I have been told that going home is not been decided apon yet. my care co-ordinator has just breezed in and did not really care at all. They say there are not the resources for my care at home so I may be forced into supported accomodation where I will not be allowed to do anything at all, like this project as I will probably only have a bedroom ...

      pretty nasty really.

      The consultant has a bad memory and does not care at all.