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37532Hi, I am new

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  • chris64strev
    Aug 20 2:52 AM
      I have seen a tesla turbine at the tesla museum in beograd serbia. It works by viscous drag between water flowing between the input port and the output port.

      I have also made an energy device that runs on water and generates a predicted 60KW of elecrrical power. It does not voiloate phyical law. The enegy comes from the nuclear fusion of deuterium at about 2MK that is contained by an electromagnetic field. It is simple so anyone may build one if they are skilled in electrical engineering. It needs shieding as it emits neutrons. I built one that I sent to a friend in utrcht. see http://www.thermonuclearfusionreactor.co.uk/

      I am under attack and sentenced to death, like Telsa because the electricity is free once you have the engine that cost about 400 Euro to build.

      THe water has to be converted to hydrogen by elecrolyis and pased into the machine and the deuterium in the hydrogen reacts because of the high temperature and pressure inside the quatz reaction tube
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