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  • T Lee Buyea Fla.News Service
    Aug 19 7:38 AM
      Yes capturing radio etc waves is possible.
      There are remote charging devices for some small devices like cell
      phones that you place the phone on top of or near and they charge it,
      But I think one foot or less is the largest distance away that they work
      I have also heard of people who have very high voltage power lines
      passing by their house putting up a directional antenna like a TV
      antenna and pointing it at the power lines and capturing some
      electricity and being required to stop by somebody.
      The problem is it is very inefficient and only a fraction of a percent
      can be captured.
      But the US government Black projects department probably has the answer
      to how to do it because they confiscated Nicola Tesla's records when he
      died and he had a claimed method of transmitting and capturing usable
      electricity that he almost got a large tower he was building to do until
      his financial backers realized there was no way to monitor and record
      the amount of power the customers would be using and they would not make
      money off of it.
      Which is strange because it seems a device to record the amount of
      usage could be built into the receiving equipment.

      nikola tesla power transmitting tower - Google Search
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