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37520Re: ZPE (zero point energy) device, Verification

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  • Tom
    Aug 17, 2013
      As you most likely already know, the worst problem will be measuring accurately the input and output power of this Keppe motor.

      A commercial wattmeter might not be sufficient for measurement of input power, because it might be "fooled" by the strange current and voltage loading that these devices frequently impose on the power lines. Recording output power can be even more difficult than recording input power, since in the case of a motor we need to know torque and shaft speed instant-by-instant, to go along with the current and voltage input waveforms.

      A more nearly correct reading of actual power might be made with a HD oscilloscope watching simultaneously (1) terminal voltage applied (2) current, (3) a reading of output torque, and (4) a reading of output shaft speed.

      Then, take a trace showing at least one complete cycle at high resolution and bring the numerical files out. These can be then dealt with graphically in programs such as Microsoft Excel, to calculate in a mathematically rigorous way the actual power consumption. The key here is to trace a complete cycle of machine operation such that all other cycles can be duplicates of this one trace. In this way we can be sure we have tracked ALL interactions with incoming power, and ALL consequences at the motor output. A complex device might interact with the power line over many cycles of the input power, so a full trace might be quite long.

      A few years ago (you can check the free_energy forum messages for this) I depended on the main researcher to supply accurate measurements of Sprain motor output power. Apparently this was a mistake.

      If it is possible, obtain a working model, and make the measurements. The equipment you need for accurate readings will cost many thousands of dollars, yet another reason you NEVER see such documentation in this area. And, so far as I know for sure, only Newman provided a working motor model for analysis and this was many years ago. Good luck to you with this part.

      Surprise us all and provide this information! I'd love to see it!

      Tom Schum

      --- In free_energy@yahoogroups.com, T Lee Buyea Fla.News Service <ranger116@...> wrote:
      > I made a mistake I got the name wrong.
      > It is Keppe Motor.
      > The reason I mentioned this one is because it is one of the rare clame
      > that we have proof of !
      > The second link here below is a good website that reports on claimed
      > free energy devices and claims of major increases of efficiency in all
      > type devices like electric, gas motors and solar, wind, generated energy
      > and things like increased efficiency refrigeration.
      > All important in reducing costs of and amounts of energy used and the
      > related pollution and wars related to obtaining energy.
      > This website is ten years old and I have read it almost every day for
      > ten years and gotten to know the owner.
      > Unfortunately even though He / we have been very disappointed many many
      > times over the 10 years with free energy fakers he is always optimistic
      > with any new claim of free energy / over unity, He is sometimes a little
      > to optimistic and starts out accidentally reporting claimed as facts,
      > Not because he is trying to misled anyone, Just because he is very
      > optimistic !
      > He traveled to Brazil to see this motor and has one of the fans in his
      > house, He did not have a 110 volt meter that measures watts used so I
      > bought him one and sent it to him, I measured the watts used by similar
      > fans here first and they were in the 40 to 50 watt rang, When he
      > measured the Keppe fan it only draws 15 watts !
      > Keppe Motor ::
      > http://www.keppemotor.com/en/index.php Changed:10:48 AM on Friday,
      > August 16, 2013
      > I forgot the Keppe people also clame they may have a version that is
      > over unity, Actually runs itself and puts out extra electrical power ?
      > THey are still a little secretive on that model, But the fact their 66%
      > more efficient version is known to actually work is a bi thing in their
      > favor that they should be believed ?
      > But of course proof is the only thing that really counts !
      > Keppe Motor Maybe
      > Not 'Verified' ---> Overunity Yet
      > http://pesn.com/2013/02/22/9602280_Keppe_Motor_Maybe_Not_Verified_Overunity_Yet/
      > Changed:11:55 PM on Wednesday, August 14, 2013
      > Keppe motor Brazil - Google Search
      > http://www.google.com/search?ie=ISO-8859-1&hl=en&source=hp&q=Keppe+motor+Brazil+&gbv=1&btnG=Google+Search
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