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37516Re: ZPE (zero point energy) device

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  • T Lee Buyea Fla.News Service
    Aug 16, 2013
      There are lots of former and current clames of working free energy
      devices, But never any proven beyond any dought that it worked and none
      have ever gone into commercial production or use.
      But it is possible that any one that did work may have been threatened
      / paid off by the big oil companies / Countries to keep it quiet after
      the initial clams that it worked.
      There have been some proven very large increases in efficiency in
      electric motors and you have see automobile gas mileage double in about
      the last 8 years from about 18 to 20 MPG to 33 to 42 MPG.
      Do a search on the name Kesh in Brazil they have a small fan electric
      motor that uses only one third the electricity of most fan motors and
      supposably can be upsized to larger motors, Why they are not working
      with a large company like General Electric I do not know, Like a lot of
      inventions the inventors seem to be over protective to the point that
      they never make it to market ?
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