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Re: FW: SGB-MA July 11 2015 MAGF Meeting [1 Attachment]

Although we are still out of town at the moment, I do plan to attend the meeting. I have gotten a butane torch (have to fill it as it is still in the package!)
Debby Weaver
Jun 18

FW: SGB-MA July 11 2015 MAGF Meeting

Here is the info on the upcoming Mid-Atlantic Glass and Fire meeting. I already got my butane torch and supplies, really looking forward to this. Julie
Julie Delaney
Jun 17
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    2015-07-11 MAGF Quarterly Meeting Agenda.docx

Re: Julie goes to the Flamefest

Thanks Julie!  Wish I could go.  Barry Lafler could possibly be coming to TGR at the end of June along with Tim Drier and Scott Hallam to get the crucible up
Frederick Hot Glass
May 16

Re: Julie goes to the Flamefest [3 Attachments]

Wow! Sounds like you had an awesome time! I would have loved to have seen Barry and Cindy....been a long time. Glad to hear the bead side is going to stay up
Debby Weaver
May 16

Julie goes to the Flamefest

Went down to the flamefest at Virtue tonight. I saw Barry Laffler and Cindy Lemo as well as Lisa St Martin and Kim Edwards. The people who were flameworking
Julie Delaney
May 15
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FW: SGB-MA Re: Getting Out Of The Glass Business Sale!

See below for details on some lampwork equipment from Jinx. Lots of good deals, check it out. Julie From: sgb-ma@yahoogroups.com
Julie Delaney
Apr 12


Thanks for the link Julie Linda Butcher NCR Telecommunications 410-312-2255 443-367-7223 Linda.M.Butcher@... NATIONAL
    Butcher, Linda M.
    Mar 31
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    I wanted to pass this along for MD Residents. I found out about this in the Frederick Arts Council newsletter. The state of MD has a new registry for
    Julie Delaney
    Mar 30

    Re: Marble Show

    Sound good Julie. Claire. PS: my phone autocorrects your name to Juice. Even when I know I am spelling it correctly. Sent from my Kyocera 2145 ... Sound good
    Claire Urban
    Mar 26

    Marble Show

    I'll be at the fairgrounds at 9 to set up. It starts at 10 Paula and I will bring tables and lights. I also have surge protector and extension cord. Bring
    Julie Delaney
    Mar 25

    Re: Great meeting guys!

    Don't forget to send me some shots with those dragon eyes.  Thank you for coming - it was good to see you!  Good luck in Vegas. Tracey Alfaro President,
    Tracey Alfaro
    Mar 11

    Great meeting guys!

    awesome meeting ladies! Sorry I missed the presentation. I had to pick up Liam from a babysitter at 9. The museum looked so cool Kathryn! I wish I could have
    Cleo Dunsmore Buchanan
    Mar 9

    Re: 2015 International Flameworking Conference

    Julie and I are going - haven’t decided on who is driving but you are welcome to ride with us.  Already have a room but its a double so we need to find you
    Frederick Hot Glass
    Mar 3

    2015 International Flameworking Conference

    Yay! I am going to the International Flameworking Conference this year. Who else is going? Does anyone need a roommate? I have not booked a hotel room yet. 
    Kathryn Ryberg
    Mar 3

    Re: If you happen to be in PA...

    Thanks Kathryn for sharing this, I had no idea. Linda Butcher NCR Telecommunications 410-312-2255 443-367-7223
      Butcher, Linda M.
      Feb 11
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