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Dodge City, Kansas

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  • Michael McMillan
    I finished going through/cleaning up my pictures of Dodge City and put four of them in the Kansas folder. These two old views are similar to two that I
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 2, 2008

      I finished going through/cleaning up my pictures of Dodge City and put four of them in the Kansas folder.

      These two old views are similar to two that I uploaded, for camparison


      The lobby is very impressive in having maintained its original appearance, including beautiful staircase, reception desk, fireplace, ceiling and light fixtures, among other things. The only thing missing is the manager at the desk to check in guests (and hotel rooms to check into)!

      Trackside view:

      The diagonal sundial pointers can be barely made out at the far right of the old view. These have been reconstructed like they were originally. I included a view of the sundials, too.

      Other good views I mentioned before, but the link was too long and didn't work:



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