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Fred Harvey Road Trip

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  • harvey_house
    I have been out of town for a couple weeks on business, but was able to work in some Harvey House hunting, this time further east to some Frisco locations.
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      I have been out of town for a couple weeks on business, but was able to work in some Harvey House hunting, this time further east to some Frisco locations. Unfortunately, most of them no longer exist, so seeing any slight evidence of where they were was a treat. I took a lot of pictures of junky vacant lots!


      Fort Scott
      Chanute [Santa Fe] *

      Joplin, Frisco Station *
      Joplin, Union Station [non-Harvey] *
      Cape Girardeau [2 different locations]



      * - existing building

      Besides a few signs of passenger platforms at a couple locations, here are some other highlights:

      Sapulpa -- A BNSF employee drove me around the site so I could get some pictures.

      The Chanute Santa Fe depot/Harvey House is very impressive. I got in the Library side [where the Harvey House was] just before they closed. The news stand is still in there right across from the librarian's check out desk! It is mostly just a storage closet. I'm not even sure the librarian knew what it was originally.

      Vinita -- The foundation outline of the Frisco depot with its octagonal tower is still visible. The separate Harvey House was where the current BNSF buildings are, and there is no sign of it or the adjoining park with fountains.

      Joplin's Union Station -- a huge, easily recognizeable Louis Curtiss designed building, mostly in ruins, fenced off, and covered with grafitti, but still impressive with its strange architecture, though very forlorn-looking.

      Joplin's Frisco Station -- a large high rise office building in the heart of downtown. Looks just like old pictures, minus the metal entrance awning. In great shape.

      Monett -- The newer depot foundation is still partly visible, including part of the news stand protrusion. Several rows of long concrete passenger platforms.

      Springfield -- Some foundation is visible, including much of the ceramic tile floor from the Lunch Counter and Dining Room area is there, though badly torn up. You can make out the shape of the lunch counter and see where the stools were bolted to the floor. The small tiles are black, yellow, and two shades of tan. The black serves as decorative borders for the other three colors. I picked up some loose tiles that weren't broken.

      Newburg -- one of the smallest towns with a Harvey House site I have ever been to. The town is still very small, tucked away in a little valley in the hills. Some existing buildings visible in old pictures of the station still exist, to help verify the Harvey House location.

      Jonesboro -- part of the original brick roundhouse still exists near the depot site! Very hard to see [and photograph]. Overgrown with waist-high weeds and junk, with other run-down buildings built up around it . But it was very neat to see the curved outer brick wall with arches, and three wooden vents/chimneys above their engine stalls. Apparently a rectangular brick shed on the west end of the roundhouse closest to the tracks was retained, though the roundhouse end next to it was demolished for almost 90-degrees worth. So, it survives in two sections. No sign of the turntable. The inner curved part of the roundhouse is highly modified and unrecognizeable as such.

      If you go to the Street View at Google Maps and stand at the corner of Cate Avenue and East Street, and face NNW, you will barely see the outer brick face with the three wooden vents on the top. If you move west a block to the corner of Cate and Church Street, looking NNE, you can see the brick shed behind the dead tree and tractor trailers,and the four loading dock stalls to the right, which have been added on to the open end of the remaining roundhouse.

      [The only other roundhouse remnant I recall seeing on my Harvey House hunts is one stone end wall at San Marcial in a swampy thicket, the only structure I ever saw from the doomed town.]

      Now, all the pictures to sort out...

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