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  • evan_stair
    Oct 19, 2013
      Boardman said Monday that he hoped BNSF would consider making the repairs
      itself so the train could continue to operate. The Southwest Chief serves Kansas
      City, Mo., and Albuquerque, N.M., but otherwise runs through sparsely populated areas.
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      What is this saying? ...Amtrak is discontinuing the SW Chief? Do you have an article on that? Thanks for explaining...

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      Before the SW Chief makes its final run all should try out the Turquoise Room and the La Posada.
      The Turquoise Room
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      October 2013
      Some of you remember how it was here in Winslow, AZ some thirteen years ago. Yes we have just celebrated our thirteen year anniversary on 10-10-13. It really has been quite a journey. It is there for most appropriate for us to give thanks to you as Thanksgiving approaches.
      Patricia, the staff and I thank all of you for your loyalty and generous support you have shown us over these years. The compliments and the constructive comments that have helped us improve. Your unwavering patience with us sometimes when we have been short staffed and overrun by the 'masses!' You know what I mean. So many of you remember when things were somewhat more peaceful that they are now. We have grown and we have matured. I can assure you I will never forget your kindness and positive thoughts that you and sent our way.
      We do not take any of this for granted. I try to remind the staff every day that we can never become complacent. We are truly blessed to be a part of this amazing project in the high desert of Arizona in what was once almost a lost cause town. The 'was' is no more that I know.
      So you are asking, what is he doing for Thanksgiving this year?
      Well the menu is posted on our website for you all to see. We have two types of turkey for you to enjoy this year. Locally raised whites from Ridge View Farms in the Chino Valley. All natural served in an almost traditional way.
      I have also arranged to have Heritage birds sent to us. These are smaller birds that have been carefully raised by Frank Reese on the Kansas Prairie where and I quote Mr. Reese. They roost, flirt and roam on the prairie. Breeds such as Narragansett, Bourbon Reds and Standard Bronze.
      Also from Heritage USA I have loins of small farm raised fresh skin on loins or Berkshire hogs. We will brine them and smoke them before being oven roasted and served with 'cracklings'. The English chicharones.
      The menu is a la carte so you can order as much or as little as you wish. We open at 11.30 and serve continuously throughout the day with the same menu. Children’s menu is also served as well as The Killer Vegetable Platter so let the vegetarians not despair. All that is fresh and organic from the fields of McClendon’s will be here for you to enjoy.
      The next newsletter will include more information on Christmas and New Year. We will also be serving a la carte menus for all three festive meals.
      Christmas Eve - Christmas Day and New Year's Eve.
      NO Fixed Price Menus!!!
      Please try to make your reservations as early you can as we will have a busy day and would love to be able to take care of you.
      Thank you again for your support.
      Happy Thanksgiving
      John, Patricia and the Staff.
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