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Web Hosting Providers Rule The Web

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  • Andrew James
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2005
      Please consider this free-reprint article written by:
      Andrew James

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      Article Title: Web Hosting Providers Rule The Web
      Author: Andrew James
      Word Count: 472
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      ================== ARTICLE START ==================
      It has been reported there are currently more than a staggering
      50,000 web hosting providers all competing for the honour of
      hosting your website.

      Every day dozens of new web hosting compaines are launching and
      struggling to get your attention and your web hosting business.

      Even though the web hosting industry is really quite young, it
      is certainly one of the most competetive and cut-throat
      industries on the web today. Yet the growth of this marketplace
      is assured for the forseeable future.

      Now each and every week it is estimated more than 50,000
      websites are launched and need to be hosted somewhere online.
      This figure continues to grow and grow.

      In fact the current monthly count for the number of searches at
      Yahoo for the term 'web hosting' is a whopping 2,149,851. That's
      right, over 2 million!

      Also just recently it was reported that the popularity of blogs
      was seeing tens of thousands of new blogs launched each and
      every day. While many of these are hosted freely, the more
      serious bloggers each require an account with a reliable web
      hosting provider.

      Of course every paid web hosting account usually requires at
      least one domain name registration. Here are some amazing
      domain name figures for you:

      The registrar holding the largest number of domain names is
      said to be WildWestDomains. They may be better known to you as
      Godaddy. They currently hold over an estimated 5 million domain
      name registrations!

      The registrar holding the second largest number of domain names
      is estimated to be Enom. The registrar holding the third largest
      number of domain names is estimated to be Networksolutions.

      Domain Name Registration Growth:

      By far the most popular top level domain is the .com There are
      currently over an estimated 40 million of these registered.

      The .com top level domain currently holds over an estimated 70
      percent of the domain name marketplace.
      The .net top level domain currently holds just over an
      estimated 10 percent of the domain name marketplace.

      The good news for web hosting and domain name customers is that
      incredible deals have become available as competition increases
      among web hosting providers.

      In fact the price of web hosting has plumeted to just under $10
      per month for a quality service. Domain names that cost up to
      $35 just a fews years ago can now be bought for as little as

      This is a winning situation for both the web hosting providers
      and their customers. The quality of service continues to grow.
      The new web hosting providers must impress their customers to
      compete with more established organisations.

      There has never been a better time to find a web hosting
      provider and establish an internet presence of your own.
      ================== ARTICLE END ==================

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