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Paris Hilton And California Flower Growers Weather Cold Snap

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  • Wesley Berry. AAF
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      Free-Reprint Article Written by: Wesley Berry, AAF
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      Paris Hilton And California Flower Growers Weather Cold Snap

      Article Description:

      The recent cold snap in California wasn't much more to pampered
      starlets like Paris Hilton than a reason to don designer coats
      and boots. But, for Californians who grow flowers or citrus
      fruits, the cold was nearly a disaster.

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      Paris Hilton And California Flower Growers Weather Cold Snap
      Copyright (c) 2007-2008 Wesley Berry, AAF
      Wesley Berry Flowers

      The recent cold snap in California wasn't much more to pampered
      starlets like Paris Hilton than a reason to don designer coats
      and boots. But, for Californians who grow flowers or citrus
      fruits, the cold was nearly a disaster. Although it seems that
      flower growers, who were gearing up for Valentine's Day sales,
      may have escaped the worst of it. However, Ann Quinn of the
      California State Floral Association says, "Most growers I have
      talked to say it will be weeks before they know the full

      The bitter cold lasted for days and it was accompanied by
      damaging windstorms. The result was statewide damage to crops
      that, according to A.G. Kawamura, California's secretary of food
      and agriculture, was "even more widespread than a three-day
      freeze in December, 1998, which cost the state's growers about
      $700 million." Some citrus farmers in the Central Valley region
      lost whole fields. Avocados, strawberries, and lettuce were also

      Flower growers whose products are grown inside greenhouses faired
      okay, but many of them also grow outdoor crops as well. Ed Van
      Wingerden of Ever-Bloom in Carpinteria, California suffered
      losses to avocado crop, but his greenhouse-grown flowers went
      undamaged. Van Wingerden said, "The December 27 windstorm blew
      off seventy percent of my crop. There was small fruit [on the
      trees] and the wind blew it right off."

      Janet Kister of Sunlet Nursery in Fallbrook, California felt the
      effects of the storm, too. She grows both indoor and outdoor
      products, including jasmine topiaries that are popular for
      Valentine's Day. The topiaries, she says, "will not make it for
      Valentine's Day-we had to cancel orders [for the product]."

      In addition to the damaged crops, Californians paid heating bills
      that were significantly higher than usual. Shelby Ebel of Koch
      California in Nipomo, California said, "The heating bills are
      astronomical." Jim Rietkirk of Kallisto Greenhouses in Fontana,
      California agreed, saying that the combination of the damaged
      crops and increased heating bills "is not a pleasant

      Oddly enough, the cold weather seems to have also sparked a run
      on flower orders. Van Wingerden said, "We are getting calls,
      offering ridiculous [high] prices, just to be able to buy
      flowers." Perhaps the frigid temperatures have turned
      Californians like Paris Hilton's thoughts to love?

      Wesley Berry is member of the American Academy of
      Floriculture (AAF) and President of Wesley Berry Flowers
      (http://www.wesleyberryflowers.com), a successful
      multi-million dollar floral business that was established
      in 1946. He also works with http://www.funeral-homes.net
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