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Dr. William Muse Appointed to Serve as TKE's Delegate to the NIC

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  • Heather Redeske
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 25, 2003 Dr. William V. Muse to Serve as TKE Delegate to the North-American Interfraternity Conference (INDIANAPOLIS) –
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      August 25, 2003

      Dr. William V. Muse to Serve as TKE Delegate to the North-American
      Interfraternity Conference

      (INDIANAPOLIS) – Continuing his dedication to Tau Kappa Epsilon
      and the entire men's fraternity movement, Dr. William Muse
      recently accepted his appointment by Grand Prytanis Mark C. Romig,
      APR, CFC to serve as TKE Delegate to the NIC.

      As the current Chancellor at East Carolina University, Frater Muse
      has best been described by his colleagues as a visionary who is
      dedicated toward the progress and development of Higher Education and
      the students in which it serves. Affirming his dedication to the
      development of students and fraternities, Muse was presented with the
      TKE Fraternity for Life Award at the 52nd Biennial Conclave in
      Dallas, TX.

      Dr. Muse was also awarded the 2002 North-American Interfraternity
      Conference's Gold Medal, an honor bestowed to individuals who
      have exhibited a lifelong commitment to the college fraternity
      system; President George W. Bush was the award recipient in 2001.
      Muse is the fourth Tau Kappa Epsilon Frater to have been given this
      honor (T.J. Schmitz, Rodney Williams and President Ronald Reagan).
      Other significant milestones of Frater Muse include:

      1966 Received Ph.D. in business administration, University of
      Arkansas. Dissertation titled: Management Practices in
      1967 Elected to TKE Grand Council
      1970-73 Dean, College of Business, Appalachian State University, NC
      1973-79 Dean, College of Business Administration, University of
      1977-79 Elected as TKE Grand Prytanis
      1975 Business & Administrative Operations Consultant, Kabul
      University, Afghanistan
      1977-78 Appointed by the White House as Presidential Interchange
      1979-82 Dean, College of Business Administration, Texas A&M University
      1981 Chairman & President, TKE Board of Directors & Teke
      Educational Foundation
      1983 Recipient, Order of the Golden Eagle
      1983-84 Vice Chancellor for Academic Programs and Planning, Texas A&M
      University System
      1984-92 President, University of Akron, OH
      1992-2001 President, Auburn University, AL
      2001 Chancellor, East Carolina University
      2002 Recipient, NIC Gold Medal
      2003 Recipient, TKE Fraternity for Life Award
      2003 Appointed as TKE delegate to the North American
      Interfraternity Conference

      Sharing his own fraternity experience and continuing to be a champion
      for TKE and the fraternity movement, Muse sees the fraternity
      experience as one that provides students with a unique opportunity on
      the college campus. His concern over the years has been that the
      positive benefits of fraternity are not being maximized by the
      students who are involved. "There's nowhere else on the campus
      one can assimilate the opportunity for getting to know each other,
      learning how to live together, learning how to do things together and
      developing the spirit of Brotherhood as the Fraternity provides,"
      Muse said in an interview last January.

      "I am pleased that Frater Bill Muse will serve Tau Kappa Epsilon as
      our delegate to the NIC. Frater Muse is an inspiration to all
      fraternity men, and a true example of servant leadership," said

      Founded in 1899, Tau Kappa Epsilon is the world's largest social
      fraternity, with over 230,500 initiated members and more than 270
      undergraduate chapters and colonies in the United States and Canada.
      The TKE Vision is to be the best lifelong collegiate social
      fraternity; the TKE Mission is to aid men in their mental, moral, and
      social development for life; and the TKE Purpose is to contribute to
      the advancement of society through the personal growth of our
      members, and service to others.


      Contact: Heather Redeske, M.A.
      Director of Communications
      Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity
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