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Fw: [MarriedToMilitary] Help for 8 year old girl....This Is legit

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  • dan smith
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      Subject: [MarriedToMilitary] Help for 8 year old girl....This Is legit

      I have bought a couple little, Dora The Explorer , Dolls cotton
      hair ties for pony tails ,Purse with Dora the Explorer Paper doll.
      I was hoping We Could all pull together and make this little
      girls Christmas a little Brighter. God Knows shes already going
      though the fire in this situation . So when I talked to Brandon
      Her step dad ( Military) I asked what she like Dora the Exploer
      he said yes I took off with my ride to walmart to get
      something . I had help from another lil 8 yr old picking out
      toys she wanted she had said Dora the Explorer and Bratz Dolls
      are the in thing with girls her age. So I am Praying You will
      read this and think what if it were your child what would you

      Rememer the Below Story before desiding and remember
      scrunchies , Dora the Explorer Winter Clothes and Toys Bratz
      clothes and toys , Christmas Socking With Candy what ever you
      can do will help shes only 8.

      Hey Sherry,

      Thanks so much for your postings to the group! I haven't been
      able to reach my father in law yet and haven't seen him online. When
      I get an email back from him I'll forward it to you. Below is the
      original sizes. After I sent it, I found out Emily had lost a lot of
      weight, so I need to verify the sizes. Thanks again!


      I'm asking for your help regarding my 8yo step-daughter, Emily.
      Her mother recently packed her up in the middle of the night, and
      left the state with mom's new boyfriend and a registered sex
      offender. The adults are now hooked on Cocaine, crack and pot.
      During the past 3 weeks, she was forced to sleep on the side of the
      road, endure constant abuse (we believe sexually as well as
      physically and emotionally) , and was not allowed to bring much more
      than the clothes on her back. The state of Michigan finally caught
      up with them when the boyfriend was arrested for beating little
      Emily's face bloody. He sits and jail and her mother was
      institutionalized after attempting suicide by ramming the car into a
      tree (leaving my 1 yo son and I without a vehicle). The state of
      Michigan removed Emily from her mother's care and place her with her
      grandparents, who were both recently laid off and are barely making
      ends meet by themselves, now they have a child to care for also.
      Emily has barely any clothes and Christmas is looking very grim, as
      her mother cleaned me out financially before leaving the state. My
      military unit and my parents are helping out my son and I. Emily
      could really use the following items, and the mailing address to her
      grandparents house is listed below and attached is a photo of her.

      -Winter Clothes size 9-10
      -Girls size 8 shoes
      -School supplies
      -Toys and movies, ect. for Christmas
      -Other items to cheer her up seen fit

      Emily Carlisle
      C/O Tim Stephenson
      721 3rd St. Traverse City, MI 49684

      Thanks to everyone in advance and God bless!

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