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New China Dinosaur Discovery

Yet another new early dinosaur with wings and feathers has been recently described from China. Link to story is below, and the actual scientific article is
Donald Baumgartner
Jul 18, 2015

Sue T rex Infected with Bird-like Protozoans Resulting in Jaw Lesion

Interesting dinosaur research article I only recently stumbled across - regarding Sue the T rex. A 2009 study determined that the mandible lesions in her jaw
Donald Baumgartner
Dec 30, 2014

Tyrannosarid Dinos of Canada Were Pack Hunters according to Trackway

World's first trackways attributed to tyrannosaurid dinosaurs of Canada strongly suggest that some were pack hunters. Read this interesting research at
Donald Baumgartner
Dec 30, 2014

Value of Commercial Fossil Collectors to Science

AAPS recent post on the value of commercial fossil collectors to science. Check it out at http://www.aaps-journal.org/Fossil-Dealer-Contributions.html  
Donald Baumgartner
Nov 28, 2014

Jurassic Park 2015 Looks Great!!

2015 Jurassic Park World - check out this ultimate vacation destination at http://www.jurassicworld.com/ New JP 2015 movie trailer at
Donald Baumgartner
Nov 28, 2014

Scientists Comment on Commercial Fossil Collecting

Not long ago I posted a link to Larson and Russell's article on the benefits of commercial fossil collecting. In that article they cite a previous article on
Donald Baumgartner
Sep 3, 2014

CNN Video of new Burgess Shale like Fossil Discovery

check out this CNN news video of the new Burgess Shale like early Cambrian fossil discovery
Donald Baumgartner
Aug 30, 2014

Small Devovian Mollusc from Ohio Modeled with CT Scans

A spiky, well-armored mollusk that lived in the ocean 390 million years ago has been brought back to life. Model is based on the most complete known fossil of
Donald Baumgartner
Aug 29, 2014

Benefits of Commercial Paleontology

Last Spring 2014 George Winters posted the below link on the Paleolist about the value of commercial paleontology. Thought that this is worth reposting. The
Donald Baumgartner
Aug 29, 2014

New Cretaceous Dino Track Site in Moab

CNN video on a new Cretaceous dino track site in Moab, UT. Check it out through the link below.
Donald Baumgartner
Aug 29, 2014

the Benefits of Commercial Fossil Sales article by Larson and Russel

I ran across the below email contribution composed by George Winters who had posted this note to the Paleolist List back in April 2014. The link to this paper
Donald Baumgartner
Jul 29, 2014

New Sue the T rex Movie to be Released Next Month

A new movie about Sue the T rex discovery!!! One of the greatest fossil discoveries and too one of the most tragic in the end! Out next month, but
Donald Baumgartner
Jul 25, 2014

WY Cav Fossil Death Trap Reopened for Research

A WY cave death trap for animals opened up for research. Read the story at http://news.yahoo.com/wyoming-cave-fossil-secrets-excavated-061433750.html Donald
Donald Baumgartner
Jul 25, 2014

A Fosil Spider Walks Again!

Check this out!!!! A new video based on fossils of a 410-million-year-old arachnid uses computer animation to recreate the animal walking. The arachnid
Donald Baumgartner
Jul 9, 2014

Did Dinosaur Pee???

Sorry about that last post. This is the right link. Donald Baumgartner Read about this discovery that you never thought about- proof that dinosaurs pee
Donald Baumgartner
Feb 15, 2014
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