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Re: [blug-non-tech] When is Linux Banglore / 2003 ? And a few suggestions as well.

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  • Surjo Das
    Hi, ... Discussions for LB/2003 is now on the LB/2003 mailing list. So let us keep the discussions there. I have a few suggestions as well as a Volunteer for
    Message 1 of 1 , May 9, 2003

      --- Balaji <balaji@...> wrote:
      > how come this is not mentioned at
      > http://linux-bangalore.org/discussions/

      Discussions for LB/2003 is now on the LB/2003 mailing
      list. So let us keep the discussions there.

      I have a few suggestions as well as a Volunteer for
      last year's event:

      1. All Managers/Volunteers need to be given a
      wireless radio handset. It comes in handy when we
      need to communicate to one another. If any of the
      Managers/Volunteers are carrying mobile phones, then
      that would come in handy as well.

      2. A Public address system is definitely the need of
      the hour. Apart from periodic announcements like
      talks in progress and upcoming talks, a spot pop-quiz
      with the delegates visiting our stalls and giving away
      prizes for the correctly answered questions on the
      spot or something would add fun to the entire event.

      Of course the P.A. system would also be used to page
      for a Volunteer/Manager if no response is received
      from the wireless radio/mobile. The P.A. system need
      not be connected to the halls which would disturb the
      progress of the talk. If an announcement has to be
      made in the hall, the runtime volunteers would have to
      go to the various halls and hand over the announcement
      on a piece of paper to the respective hall marshall.

      3. An information desk would also be handy. I
      remember seeing one outside the entrance of the main
      Auditorium. The Info Desk can be approached by
      delegates if they need any help/info something like a
      "May I Help You" kind of a desk.

      4. Print-outs of the finalised list of talks is
      definitely another need. These print outs can be
      given as a part of the delegate kit. If there is any
      change like last year where Raj Mathur had to drop out
      at the last minute, then such changes can be announced
      on the P.A. system or by the hall marshalls. Changes
      in talk schedules can also be put up on the various
      notice boards. A huge cut-out of the talk schedule in
      various corners would be helpful.

      5. When we receive delegate registrations, then we
      must issue delegate badges to them accordingly as to
      whether they have come to attend /dev, /usr, /cxo,
      /adm tracks. In this way we can ensure that the
      delegates attend those talks only for which they have

      But then there is another downside to it. As our
      event motto suggests "Technology for a Free World", we
      cannot tell a developer not to attend a /adm talk or a
      sys admin from attending a /dev talk. Such a thing
      would negate the very reason of our organising this
      event. Anyway, its just a thought. I don't think its
      a good idea.

      6. The food stalls need to be organised well. Last
      year on the first day, we had a serpentine queue for
      the food. Even though it came under control from the
      2nd day. I feel it needs to be controlled from day 1
      itself. And preferably the quantity of the food needs
      to be ensured to be more for everyone. I received a
      complaint last year that food was over on the first
      day and the delegate was requesting for a refund !

      7. Last, but most certainly not the least, some
      volunteers need to come out and wear a TUX costume and
      run around the venue to add some more fun. Mahendra
      even suggested that either Biju, Atul or myself could
      fit into this role. But most definitely not me.
      Don't know about Atul and Biju. This is of course a
      far fetched suggestion. But if needed, it can be kept
      in mind as well.

      Well, these were some suggestions. Let me think of
      some more. Time is very short. We are already into
      May and we may have the event in December. Let us all
      start planning towards the event. If we can draw up a
      list of Managers and Volunteers, we can plan
      everything. I was a volunteer last year.



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