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  • Atul Chitnis
    ... Nope, it is not yet the time to reveal the new name. But this is our first call to the Free & Open Source community - if you are interested in helping
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2005

      Nope, it is not yet the time to reveal the new name.

      But this is our first call to the Free & Open Source community - if you
      are interested in helping bring this year's event to life, then the first
      thing you should do is drop us a line.

      From this year onwards, the nature, the scope and the format of the event
      formerly known as Linux Bangalore will change (apart from the venue, of
      course), and we are kick-starting the event early to make sure that things
      happen as planned.

      It is important to note that the event is no longer a "small, regional LUG
      meet". The objectives of the event are to reach beyond borders - state and
      national - and will involve the community, industry, academia and national
      and international governments.

      With this in mind, we expect the organising efforts to come from people
      not just located in Bangalore, but across India and the world. We have
      been extremely fortunate to have already received offers of help from
      people from Europe, Australia and the USA - a pointer at just how much our
      "little regional event" has grown in stature.

      Paraphrasing Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz - "This is not just Bangalore

      Last year, we had almost 3000 participants from India and abroad (a lot
      more than most FOSS events in India put together), and we expect that
      number to climb substantially this year.

      We are going to be picky, so if you want to get involved, you will have to
      convince us that you are the right person for the job.

      We are specifically looking for community members who can plan long term,
      and are not the kind who talk more and do less. People with
      organisational, financial, logistical, PR, networking, technical and
      people skills. We need people who can speak English, German, French,
      American, Portugese, Japanese, Chinese and corporatese.

      If you have had past experience with organising events, then that's a good
      start. If you have been involved with Linux Bangalore in the past, then
      you are well on your way, especially if you have proven organising skills.

      Note that this is *NOT* a call for volunteers - this is a call for
      level-headed, clear-thinking, visionary team leaders. People who make the
      grade will eventually lead their own teams, focussing on various aspects
      of the event.

      If you think you qualify, convince us. For now, use the old contact form
      on the Linux Bangalore/2004 site to mail us -

      Tell us why you think you qualify to help put together one of the biggest
      Free & Open Source events in the world.


      p.s. Despite its size and scope, this is still (and always will be) a
      community-driven event. Therefore *everyone's* inputs are welcome. Keep an
      eye on the Linux Bangalore site (http://linux-bangalore.org), where
      information about (and re-directs to) the new event will appear. For now
      we are still using the old mailing list
      (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/linux-bnagalore-2004), so if you want to
      make suggestions, get on it - it will renamed to the new name as soon as
      we announce it (and no, it is *NOT* Linux Bangalore/2005).

      Atul Chitnis | achitnis@...
      Exocore Consulting | http://www.exocore.com
      Bangalore, India | +91 (80) 5771-4075
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