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4114Re: [foss.in] Distant Sound of Thunder

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  • Atul Chitnis
    May 20, 2007
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      Apologies for the silence, but we have been busy as beavers with stuff
      related to FOSS.IN/2007 (and beyond).

      We are almost at the point where we can go public with stuff. The final
      touches to our Grand Evil Design (phrase courtesy Hari) will be made at
      the next Team FOSS.IN meeting (June 10 - Team FOSS.IN folks, you have been
      warned), and from the 11th onwards, you will see a flow of information
      (coinciding with a flow of rain as the monsoons hit us :) - dates,
      location, facilities, etc.

      That will be the start of public discussions on this list as well. Not
      that you aren't welcome to start right away - just by then you will know
      what kind of infrastructure we will be providing this year.

      If any of you have any ideas you'd like to get in early, feel free to post
      on this list (or write to us in private if you are the shy type :).

      The Call for Participation should also go out a little while after public
      discussions start, once we all have nailed down the parameters for the

      Again, a reminder that the focus of FOSS.IN is FOSS development and
      contribution, not evangelism or advocacy.

      It is not too late to get involved with a FOSS project even now -
      especially if you are a student (FOSS projects are legitimate final year
      engineering projects :).

      So we are now less than a month away before the FOSS.IN wagon starts
      rolling - it's time to make sure that you have you plate clear in the
      usual annual time frame of the event, accumulate leave, plan to finish
      term work, etc.

      And if you in college, *this* would be a good time to let us know when
      your university/college has exams in the 4th quarter of 2007!



      Atul Chitnis | mail@...
      Bangalore, India | http://atulchitnis.net
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