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4013Re: [foss.in] Re: How was FOSS.in??

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  • Atul Chitnis
    Dec 2, 2006
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      Guys, this is hardly the place to get into MS bashing. This list is about
      an event called FOSS.IN.

      And just as a general comment - until Vista is actually out there for
      people to us, I think we (the FOSS community) should reserve speculative
      comments about it.

      And let's not make the mistake of equating marketing/corporate tactics
      at Microsoft with the developers working there.

      BTW battling with Sriram is an exercise in futility - he runs Ubuntu at
      home and attends FOSS events. And he knows more about Vista than anyone
      else around here (for now :).

      End of discussion on this topic on this list. :)


      Atul Chitnis | mail@...
      Bangalore, India | http://atulchitnis.net
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