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4012Re: [foss.in] Re: How was FOSS.in??

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  • Sriram Krishnan
    Dec 1, 2006
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      On 12/1/06, Devdas Bhagat <devdas@...> wrote:
      > I think I would prefer to see it onlist, as personal, non-offical
      > remarks from you.

      Sigh. Very well - I just thought it would be bad form out here on this list.

      > The claim you
      > responded to was that Microsoft has a PR budget, and uses it.

      Nope - I was responding to the 1 GB claim. I'm sure we have a PR
      budget. I personally don't agree with the insinuation that the media
      somehow only covers Windows and that is due to some sort of 'gifts'.
      But I'm guessing it's pointless to try and argue that.

      > In the category of people who ought to know better, I would include the
      > people who want to run only FOSS, but insist on buying hardware which
      > comes with Windows only.

      I obviously disagree. Let's agree to do just that - disagree.

      > If you would rather discuss this on the non-tech list (or the list
      > admin(s) think so), please let me know so that I can join that list.

      I'm open to constructive discussion. I don't think this is the right
      list to do that though.

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